Wedding Jewelry Choice

Like any other events, there are certain acceptable standards when it comes to choosing jewelry pieces that fit your wedding. The style of the gown determines which style of jewelry if best for the occasion. For low necklines, it is good to wear superb earrings with a matching necklaces. Whereas for high necklines, earrings is a good idea but not a necklace. In general, a simple wedding gown requires an elegant set or style of jewelries, while a detailed and glittery wedding gown needs only simple styled jewelry pieces.

Necklaces come in various lengths and each length compliment different necklines of gowns. The Choker is a necklace from one to three strands and is perfect for bateau neckline as the choker may not be noticeable if a neckline exposes too much skin. Three or more strands securely fit round the middle neck is the Collar necklace, a Victorian styled jewelry piece that is ideal for plunging and strapless necklines. Also perfect for strapless gowns is the Princess Necklace, and falls just below the neck’s hollow that serves as perfect support for the pendant; is usually sixteen inches in length and actually goes well not just with strapless but with every neckline save for a high neckline. Matinee has a length in between Princess an Opera and sets just on top of the bust; looks perfect with lower, jewel or bateau necklines. The Opera is the longest length for a necklace usually of single strand that falls just under the bust line; appears classic when worn with high neckline.

As with earrings, there are also some considerations on which to choose. Brides with a rounder facial structure, is appropriate to wear button earrings. A heart-faced bride is good to wear a dangle earring while a long face is perfect for squared earrings. Simple earrings are more appropriate when the necklace is large in size and more grand in style. Bracelet is another jewelry piece that may be worn with short-sleeved, three-fourths gowns or dresses that are sleeveless. Watches are considered an inappropriate jewelry piece for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Pearls are often chosen in a wedding jewelry because of being symbolic for purity, perfection and wealth. It is also associated by the ancient Greek marriages, love and unmatched beauty and is believed to encourage harmony in marriage.

Although an important factor also depends on the budget and personal preference of the person wearing a jewelry. Whether she wants to wear precious stones, diamonds or synthetic and man-made gems. What’s more essential is ensuring the jewelry be not too intense to overshadow the wedding dress or its color. White wedding gown is perfect for silver and pearls. Ivory pearls with gold looks best with an ivory gown. While a pale pink or beige colored bridal gown would appear great if accentuated with ivory, gold and matching faux gems and stones.