Wedding Jacket


If you want elegance (who doesn’t) as an added touch to your wedding then a jacket is almost essential. It brings a timeless and classic touch to your wedding gown reminiscent of the old black and white Hollywood movies.

Wedding Shawl Wrap

Unexpected weather changes can easily upset your wedding plans and when you planned for a warm sunny day you can end up with a cold cloudy one instead. At this point that wedding shawl that you had made to compliment your dress for just this occasion will come in handy.

It should not be an after thought either as it will probably look like an after thought on your wedding dress. Ensure that you have it made or purchase it at the same time as your dress so that it will be the perfect bridal accessory and will compliment your dress perfectly.

The Bolero

The Bolero is THE classic bridal jacket and will give you some shoulder, and neck covering without being obvious, heavy or bulky. It has remained stylish and the perfect compliment if you need some covering without going over the top.

The Wedding Cape

A good bridal jacket option if it is cold is the wedding cape. Generally it will bind around your neck and flow behind you. This will serve the purpose of both adding a classic touch to your bridal gown and also keeping your warm if the weather is chilly.