Ways To Uncover Hidden Style

Pick out a week of outfits in advance. And group them together in your closet

When you wait ’til the morning to pick out your clothes, the tendency is to grab the same old thing.

But what about that colorful blouse hiding in the back of your closet, or gorgeous belt in the bottom of your drawer that you just had to have? Well, ladies. Now is your chance to actually wear them!

And don’t forget to pull out your accessories, too! Scarves loosely tied around your neck, or as a hair tie, some bangles stacked for a little sparkle, or those pumps or sandals with a pop of color to accent a neutral outfit.

Try to add one forgotten accessory or piece of clothing per day. You’ll be amazed how many great items you already have.

Get fitted for new bras

When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? Most of you never have, and the rest of you aren’t the same size you used to be.

I was 30 before I new my proper bra size. I thought I was 36b, but, it turned out I was 34C! Just recently I discovered I’m now 34D. That’s what happens when you gain a few pounds – your size changes – and not just your dress size!

So, do your girls a favor and show “lift and separate” some respect. Skip Victoria’s Secret, and go old school. There are specialty bra shops in just about every mall these days, and Nordstrom lingerie department is perhaps THE best at sizing us gals.

Making the most of your shape sets the stage for wearing your clothes, instead of your clothes wearing you.

And while you’re at it, stand up straight and put your shoulder’s back. You’ll feel like a new woman!