Layering Necklaces

This season I have gotten really into layering my necklaces to create new looks and creative ensembles. Layered necklaces can really help tie an outfit together when different necklaces in the bunch compliment other aspects of the outfit. This trend is hugely popular among the hottest of Hollywood’s stars. The key to layering necklaces is using different styles of necklaces. If you layer necklaces that are all the similar or the same, the look is not as effective or nearly as interesting. Look for necklaces that are of different lengths. Also try alternating pendants and beaded necklaces. You also should not be afraid of mixing metals. In the past, mixing gold and sterling silver jewelry was seen as tacky, but when it comes to this trend, mixing metals is completely fine. Don’t worry about your necklaces being too bulky. Usually, the more you have on, the better! Just do not go overboard. Somewhere between 3 and 6 necklaces be about good! If the individual necklaces are bulky on their own opt for a smaller number of necklaces. If they are thin and dainty on their own, then feel free to add some more! Try to mix the weight, color, size, length, and style. If you follow these general rules then you are sure to come out looking trendy and fierce!

The problem I have found with necklace layering is the possible tangles that can happen between the layered necklaces. I have a few long dainty necklaces that tend to swing and get caught in other necklaces. So, be careful when you layer and pay special attention to any daintier necklaces. This trend is all about having the most fun you can with jewelry pieces that you already own, so have a ball and create some new combos!

Stampato Necklaces

Stampato Necklaces can also be a combination of silver and gold together. You can add or do away with diamonds in the classic combination of white and yellow gold. The gold used can be 14k or 22 k depending upon your choice. You can also make it in either white or yellow gold depending upon your choice. Though these Necklaces look gorgeous with just metals adding diamonds to it make it the ultimate formal wear choice to all women, after all diamonds are a girls best friend.

These Necklaces come in various shapes and sizes. They can be made thick or sleek as per the wearer’s choice. These necklaces add more beauty and glamour to any woman’s outfit. While choosing a necklace make sure you opt for a style that suits your age and shape. A classic design works well for the middle aged women. This age group can opt for thicker necklaces. For the girls and young women sleeker designs are better options. It makes them look chic and gives their necks look more slender. Diamonds combination works for all age groups. For the women who have heavy builds very thin or sleek necklaces is not the choice as it will make their necks appear more hefty.

The necklaces come in beautiful shapes, forms and style. Any woman’s jewel collection is incomplete without a Stampato Necklace. These not only add beauty to your outfit but also give out the impression of the style icon. The necklaces are made of solid metals and hollow, yellow and white gold, platinum or sterling silver. Adding diamonds to these Necklaces make it an ideal wear for your wedding day. Even if it’s any other occasion you can be the envy of every other woman by wearing a Necklace. Diamonds work best with Stampato Necklaces as they add glamour to these designs and make it look classy and chic.

Black Diamond Necklaces

Of the numerous types of jewelry that can be worn, those enhanced with gemstones remain the most popular. Commonly the gemstones that are set in fine jewelry are of the precious and semi precious variety. Diamonds have always been extremely popular and recently the black variety have started to show up in necklaces, bracelets, rings and ear rings..

Diamonds are available in many colors such as white, blue, pink, yellow, grey and black. A black diamond in its natural state has the same physical attributes as any other diamond. Resistance to abrasion, is the chief physical attribute of a diamond. Because they are the hardest of all minerals, a diamond scratches all others and will only be blemished by another diamond. Black diamonds are more apt to break away when cut than the white variety, but when cut it is actually harder.

This rare gem can be obtained in only a few locations around the world. They were first discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century in Brazil, but have since been discovered in Australia, Venezuela and Africa. Some are not totally black when first found but can be enhanced to attain a total blackness.

The black color of this stone comes from millions of minute and extremely concentrated graphite or hematite inclusions that soak up light and provide the gems with their almost luminous sheen. If devoid of these inclusions, they would not exhibit their deep color or brilliance. They are typically opaque, but semi-transparent and translucent stones are very valuable.

There are numerous theories about how black diamonds were originally formed. A common one is that they are the result of a meteor crashing on the planet. This and other theories have never been proven but make interesting conversation for gem enthusiasts.

Of all the diamonds, the black ones are the rarest. They are also considered to be young as they were created three and a half billion years ago as white diamonds are about four and a quarter billion years old. They were brought to the surface of the earth via volcanic eruptions.

Black diamond necklaces, rings and just about any other type of jewelry featuring this unusual gem are becoming more widely available today. Many retail stores have a big selection and shopping online should yield unlimited choices.

Collar Necklaces

Necklaces have always been a fairly well-liked form of jewelry, right from ancient days. A necklace has tendency to jazz up simple attire or can be used as a part of jewelry. Necklaces look really awesome whether worn at parties or at work. There are many types in which necklaces can be categorized. Among those many types of necklaces, there is one popular kind, which is becoming a hot fashion trend among celebrities and fashion-loving women these days. These are the Collar Necklaces.

Choker or Collar Necklaces have shown their grace everywhere from Red Carpet to boutique store windows. There is something so retro and dramatic about them, that every woman wants to have at least one piece of such type. Inspired from the Ancient Egypt culture, these necklaces are meant to highlight the neck alone. If worn accordingly to an outfit, collar necklaces add classy look, italicizing beauty of your neck.

Collar necklaces are giving a modern spin to fashionable necklaces. An elegant collar necklace can glorify every mood and occasion. Ranging in variety of shapes, styles and sizes, so as to complement any outfit, some of these necklaces come with matching earrings too. With their help, a trendy and elegant touch can be added to any ensemble. Collar necklaces consist of either single or multiple strands of pearls, beads or diamonds.

A pearl is a glorious stone with high-minded fantasies that symbolizes prestige. Pearl collar necklaces give a pride feel and classy look to wearer just like a princess. These necklaces are generally measured in 12 to 13 inches and are extensively made from rice pearls, small pearls, or big pearls. These stylish and fascinating necklaces are worn to fit comfortably at middle of your neck. They give a delightful look and are best suited with formals as well as semi formals. Pearl collar necklaces truly accentuate slender feminine neck and add charm to personality.

While purchasing a collar necklace you should consider some matrices about your face shape, age and style. Your selection will depend on type of neck you have and its thickness, since these necklaces are meant to highlight the neck. Its any type will look fantastic on longer necks, as there’s no fear of making it look shorter and wider.

On contrary, if your neck is shorter and is slightly heavy, do not go for larger pieces. Try a narrow piece with single row gemstone beads or pearls. A pendant in middle of necklace adds an illusion of length to neck, making it look nice and little bit long.

Bold collar necklaces are best suited for adult women. For young women medium-sized necklaces will go best. And if you want to achieve that glamorous aura, then a collar necklace with over-sized beads will play the game for you. But such necklaces should be worn with right outfit. Strapless dresses or single strap dresses are just right for such over-sized necklaces.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing these necklaces at day time or night. These will always give gorgeous and dazzling look. As, these necklaces are among latest jewelry trend, so guys, it would be a better option for you to impress your partner by gifting a collar necklace on your wedding anniversary, her birthday or Valentine’s Day.

There are many designers which contribute their art in designing these necklaces. Ed Levin is one of those designers, whose handmade collar necklaces are made with finest metals and stones, along with availability in wide range of styles and necklines.

Rose Quartz Necklaces

Crystal healing properties are nothing new, and have been used for centuries. Different gemstones and crystals offer different properties for healing the body. Rose colored quartz is particularly well known for healing pain in the heart, increasing self love and appreciation, and helping you respect your body and mind. It is also said to relieve loneliness and promote inner peace with oneself.

Quartz necklace jewelry can be used in a number of different fashions. One of the most popular is a pendulum type wand that is worn around the neck. Pendulums are said to measure the energy emitted by the Chakras and can be used to rid the body of pain and hurt that is experienced within the heart chakra.

Pink quartz necklaces are also found in charitable designs. Breast cancer ribbons and rose quartz jewelry are often used together to promote healing and love to ones body. They can be worn by women that have breast cancer, or women that know someone hurt by this type of cancer. The rose is also pink – which is the color of breast cancer awareness campaigns.

You can wear a rose quartz necklace without it being for any of the above reasons. Many of the most popular jewelry retailers sell quartz necklaces that are fashionable, pretty, and easy to match with a number of outfits. This stone isn’t semi-precious but it is eye catching and excellent to be paired with your favorite summer outfit.

A pink quartz necklace also makes an excellent gift for any female going through a tough time in her life. She doesn’t have to know why you are giving her the rose quartz necklace, but you can simply gift it and hope that she wears it and benefits from its power. This colored quartz is certainly a useful stone to wear as any type of jewelry and will provide endless comfort for its wearer.

Reasons Buy Wholesale Necklaces


Purchasing a wholesale necklace from a trusted supplier will allow you to have enough stock on hand to fill special orders that may come in, especially if similar handmade versions are too costly or time-consuming to create on your own. Reselling such finds will also allow you to take advantage of niche clientele, like those wishing to purchase vintage items. For those who do possess a creative streak, you can also offer customization of these pieces, to make each sale a unique purchase, by adding flair according to a customer’s wishes.

Party Favors

Another market in which such items are gaining in popularity is the party supply business. Using necklaces like these as party favors has become a very popular gift these days, especially for showers and birthday parties. Purchased with the customer’s needs in mind, you can also customize these orders as well, to match school colors for graduation parties, or for a special holiday get together, like Christmas or Mardi Gras.

Stocking Stuffers

Speaking of Christmas, there is always a customer base that will be looking for stocking stuffers, and these items are perfect for the purpose. Even if you are not heavily into running your own jewelry business, but have a lot of people to buy for, wholesale lengths of jewelry can be an affordable way to make sure that everyone gets a little something to brighten their holiday experience.

To Be Used As Components

Finally, for the fledgling jewelry maker, buying lengths of beads that are pre-strung is an affordable way to lay in supplies for their projects. Many of these wholesale strings can be broken down, and the beads used to create other items, like earrings, bookmarks or wine charms. For the savvy entrepreneur, buying wholesale also means that you can easily break them down, repackage and sell them as components to other crafters, at reasonable costs.