Different Types of Bangle Bracelets


There are stretch bangle bracelets that do not have clasps, but they do tend to hug close around the wrist. These are a great type of bangle to have children wear, because they are usually tight enough to fit children’s wrists better. The stretch bangles are usually made with decorative beading, diamonds, or charms.


There are also wooden bangle bracelets that are made. These are usually a little wider than the plain silver bangles. They are often painted in designs or just plain solid colors. Some are also engraved with names or sayings.


The jeweled ones are often girl’s favorites. They are the really beautiful sparkly ones with shiny colors. Little girls think of the jeweled bangles as princess bracelets or even princess crowns. These are also the kind of accessories that are stacked on the wrist with all different colors. Some of the jeweled bangle bracelets are full of diamonds, but they do come in every different birthstone. That way everyone will be able to find a bangle with their own birthstone on it. Some can be custom designed, and a lot of mothers like to have the birthstones of all of their children on the bracelet with different engravings.


There are even watch bangle bracelets that are made for both men and women. Some of them are shaped just like the plain silver bangle bracelets that are a little hard to slip on the wrist, and others are shaped like the cuff bangle bracelets that are a little easier to slip on. They have really started to bring the watch back into fashion. Watches started to go away when everyone started to carry a cell phone with them and use for the time, but the bangle watches look just like normal bracelets which helps them come back in style.

Custom Wristband Bracelets

There are many online custom wristbands manufacturing companies available on the Internet, which provides you personalized wristbands as per your requirements and specifications at affordable prices. You can also go through their websites to find special custom-made glow bracelets that glow in dark and come in swirled and segmented colors. These online wristbands manufacturing companies have made it easy for you to get the silicone wristbands custom-made as per your style and requirements that can help you best convey your message to your target people.

Customized silicone wristbands are more in demand today because of their good quality, look, and appeal. These wristbands are better than lower quality and thinner plastic rubber bracelets easily available in the market. Silicon rubber bracelets are available in a range of attractive colors and inscriptions. You can further customize them to make them more appealing and meaningful to you. These wristbands due to their cheap prices are within the reach of everyone. Different types of awareness bracelets, like cancer awareness bracelets and others are already available on the online shops which you can get further customized to best complement your campaign.

Custom silicone wristbands are worn by people of different ages and levels to meet various purposes, like to support a reason, to promote a brand, or as a fashion statement. These are perfect gift and souvenir items for fundraising, giveaways, concerts, birthday parties, anniversaries, and business events. Silicon wristbands are eco-friendly products to support a cause. If you are running a business organization, these silicon wristbands imprinted with your company logo or design can help you advertise your business or campaigns you are running for fund-raising or to get support.

If these are worn by family members in different occasions, will help them express their love and care for each other as well as their unity. When being worn by team members, the custom wristbands will show team members unity, coordination, and understanding. Personalized wristbands are perfect to convey the message to more and more people on so many other occasions and places.