Stylish Footwear

  • The Stilettos / Heels: Stilettos are a type of heels that usually measure up to 3 – 6 inches in height. They are conically shaped and usually preferred on evening parties, various formal and informal occasions. Although they are difficult to walk with for a long duration, they add up a high level of beauty quotient to a woman’s persona.
  • Kitten Heels: These are another type of heels measuring up to 1 – 2 inches. These types of heels are also conically shaped just like the stilettos. They also look give your feet a cute look.
  • Stacked Heels: It’s another type of heel made up of thin pieces of wood combined and shaped in squared or conical form.
  • Flat Shoes: These are mostly general purpose footwear which does not have any sort of elevations from the ground. They have a flat sole and easy to walk around with, which makes them comfortable for daily and prolonged usages.
  • Pumps: Pumps are shoes that cover only the front portion of the foot i.e. the toes and the side portion, whereas the top portion is exposed. There are two prominent types of pumps. They are flat pumps and heel pumps. These types of shoes are usually preferred by ballerina dancers owing to its comfort and good grip.
  • Sandals: Sandals or floaters are the most comfy footwear to use for daily purposes. They might have a completely flat sole or a slightly elevated sole. They are designed in a way that most of the foot is exposed while only some part of the upper foot is covered. They are commonly known as flip-flops. They are termed to be the most casual footwear and can be worn on any type of casual clothing such as jeans, skirt, etc.
  • Wedge Shoes: These types of shoes are high on style quotient and look very trendy. They are elevated from front to the back portion and there is no gap in the heel of the shoe. Because of their design, they are comfortable when compared to footwear like stilettos.
  • Boots: Boots can be flat soled or heeled. Some cover the ankle region while some go higher covering the portion till the knees. Such footwear is usually preferred during winters and are available in multiple fabrics, although leather being the predominant one. Boots can be worn on jeans, skirts etc.