Style With a Monogrammed Necklace

Personalized jewelry is a hot trend right now and this is one of those trends that seem to always stick around despite the changing trends we experience in the fashion jewelry industry. This could be credited to the unique nature of the jewelry. The monogram necklace in particular is one that is constantly evolving with great new styles emerging every year. These are available in various price points and in different styles. A good example is the vintage chic style. Ideally, such a monogrammed necklace would be made using metals such as sterling silver, brass or even copper to give it that rustic, vintage look.

If you are working with a jeweler, you are in luck because you can select the type of font to be used in the monogram along with the background design. Most people would prefer to have completely personalized necklaces and this is because they tend to be more unique. Chances are high that you will not find someone else wearing that exact type of necklace. That said; this doesn’t mean that monogrammed necklaces made for the mass market are horrible. Most designers try to ensure that their designs are as unique as possible with limited variety per design.

Monogrammed necklaces are easily available and you can find them in high end stores for those who are looking for high-end quality and exclusive designs. For affordable prices and style, we recommend that you go to online stores. Some online stores allow you to select the font, size of the pendant, the chain, initials, and colors as well. One of the most affordable materials used on pendants is the acrylic material. This is because it’s affordable and produces some really great designs.