Straight Razor Brands


The leaders in straight razor manufacturing. The amount of blades their factory churns out each year is impressive for such an artisan craft, and it still manages to maintain a superbly high quality. Like all good brands, Dovo steel is forged in Solingen, Germany. Dovo blades are great for both beginners and experts, with a large range on offer.

Dubl Duck

A highly sought-after blade that is sadly no longer manufactured. They were one of the highest quality blades in their day, also produced in Solingen. Fortunately their condition was so good that a lot of good quality razors still exist and pop up on eBay and elsewhere fairly frequently. You can even find some brand new ones if you look closely.

Giesen and Forsthoff

Another Solingen based company. G and H were created during the great 1920s depression in Germany, yet they flourished due to their high quality and reasonable prices. They are close to Dovo and Dubl Ducks in quality, but a lot more affordable.


Fromm is a great first blade and a cheaper alternative. Somebody looking for the top quality blades and a superior shaving experience should set their sights higher than Fromm though. Still, they are decent quality and most people who use them never have any complains. A great everyday razor.

And now it’s time for a couple of razors you want to stay away from.


The Kriegar blade is simply put, bad quality. Don’t go near it. It’s one of those blades that looks decent and the very low price makes it even more appealing, but the less said about it the better. You get what you pay for. Very little.

Gold Dollar

This one is even worse than the Kriegar because it seems to be highly marketed. There are a lot of them available on places like Amazon, which adds to their supposed reliability. I would never touch a Gold Dollar though.