Stampato Necklaces

Stampato Necklaces can also be a combination of silver and gold together. You can add or do away with diamonds in the classic combination of white and yellow gold. The gold used can be 14k or 22 k depending upon your choice. You can also make it in either white or yellow gold depending upon your choice. Though these Necklaces look gorgeous with just metals adding diamonds to it make it the ultimate formal wear choice to all women, after all diamonds are a girls best friend.

These Necklaces come in various shapes and sizes. They can be made thick or sleek as per the wearer’s choice. These necklaces add more beauty and glamour to any woman’s outfit. While choosing a necklace make sure you opt for a style that suits your age and shape. A classic design works well for the middle aged women. This age group can opt for thicker necklaces. For the girls and young women sleeker designs are better options. It makes them look chic and gives their necks look more slender. Diamonds combination works for all age groups. For the women who have heavy builds very thin or sleek necklaces is not the choice as it will make their necks appear more hefty.

The necklaces come in beautiful shapes, forms and style. Any woman’s jewel collection is incomplete without a Stampato Necklace. These not only add beauty to your outfit but also give out the impression of the style icon. The necklaces are made of solid metals and hollow, yellow and white gold, platinum or sterling silver. Adding diamonds to these Necklaces make it an ideal wear for your wedding day. Even if it’s any other occasion you can be the envy of every other woman by wearing a Necklace. Diamonds work best with Stampato Necklaces as they add glamour to these designs and make it look classy and chic.