Skin Discoloration From Costume Jewelry

Sometimes, areas covered by your favorite vintage jewelry turn green, blue or sometimes even black. This kind of change in color of your skin is caused by wearing costume jewelry for a prolonged period. These are caused due to presence of corrosive elements in your jewelry pieces. The corroded metal in your jewelry encounters air and moisture tends to rub off on your clothing and skin.

Sweat and other reactive elements in the air can react with the metal on your jewelry within minutes. These reactions soon lead to discoloration of your skin. If left unchecked for long, skin discoloration can go on to become quite dangerous.

Does this mean you can never adorn your outfits with your favorite costume jewelry pieces? Well, this problem can be easily prevented if you take the following steps:

    • Keep your jewelry clean – Regular cleaning can help jewelry get rid of oxides and zinc. This will prevent corrosion and unnecessary reactions on your skin.
    • Spacers – You may consider using spacers to fill up the spaces between your skin and the jewelry. This can be done in case of rings if these are loose enough for inducing a barrier between your skin and metal.
    • Coat or polish – Consider getting your jewelry polished from time to time. A layer of polish can act as a great barrier between your skin and the corroded metal. In case you encounter any piece of jewelry with worn out paint, you can also consider coating your jewelry with nail paint.
    • Protect from moisture – Store your jewelry in a dry place, so that it remains safe from the corrosive effects of moisture. Moisture can lead to reactions and cause skin discoloration easily. Also ensure that your skin remains dry when wearing any jewelry. Use powder to pat your skin dry before wearing jewelry.
    • Increase intake of iron – Most experts attribute skin discoloration caused by jewelry to anemia as well. Increase intake of iron in your diet to avoid allergic skin reactions.