Purchasing a wholesale necklace from a trusted supplier will allow you to have enough stock on hand to fill special orders that may come in, especially if similar handmade versions are too costly or time-consuming to create on your own. Reselling such finds will also allow you to take advantage of niche clientele, like those wishing to purchase vintage items. For those who do possess a creative streak, you can also offer customization of these pieces, to make each sale a unique purchase, by adding flair according to a customer’s wishes.

Party Favors

Another market in which such items are gaining in popularity is the party supply business. Using necklaces like these as party favors has become a very popular gift these days, especially for showers and birthday parties. Purchased with the customer’s needs in mind, you can also customize these orders as well, to match school colors for graduation parties, or for a special holiday get together, like Christmas or Mardi Gras.

Stocking Stuffers

Speaking of Christmas, there is always a customer base that will be looking for stocking stuffers, and these items are perfect for the purpose. Even if you are not heavily into running your own jewelry business, but have a lot of people to buy for, wholesale lengths of jewelry can be an affordable way to make sure that everyone gets a little something to brighten their holiday experience.

To Be Used As Components

Finally, for the fledgling jewelry maker, buying lengths of beads that are pre-strung is an affordable way to lay in supplies for their projects. Many of these wholesale strings can be broken down, and the beads used to create other items, like earrings, bookmarks or wine charms. For the savvy entrepreneur, buying wholesale also means that you can easily break them down, repackage and sell them as components to other crafters, at reasonable costs.