A floor-length ball gown is sure to make any woman feel extremely glamorous at a masquerade ball. BUT – in 2013, short is a really hot trend – You will be seeing ballerina-inspired dresses out there that make for a fun and fanciful party dress. Also trending are cocktail dresses. These can be a wonderful compliment to your mask as well.

A favorite for men is wearing a modern suit with a hooded cape and mask. For those who are more ambitious to make a statement, a waistcoat, tailcoat jacket, antique shirt and britches are a great compliment to your mask. You can add any of these elements with your suit to make a statement. Men favor renting part or all of their attire, this can be an excellent choice.

How do you create a great ensemble for a beautiful appearance?

For a tried and true look… go with black, white, pearl, silver or gold. These are classic choices and easy to pull together with confidence and panache!

You cannot go wrong with classic black. All ladies are able to pull off this look with grace. Black with touches of gold or silver will make you look slender, sultry and classic.

Not a costuming genius but want to push yourself a tad? To edge out a bit from a safe color palette to something more bold and striking – take a look at runway photos to learn from the pros on how to coordinate tones – see how they match cool tones to make stunning a combination. Example: cool teal tone set with luster against cool silver mask… the colors play off of one another nicely and allow your face to become the center of attention.

A stylist will match hot to hot – the warmth of the mask will be complimented by warm tones of the gown. This is a relatively simple task of keeping warm tones together in a range of the same color. Realize that satin dresses and dresses with sparkle fabrics that are all the rage this year will give off different hues when different types of light strikes them.

Contrasting tones can work well together. If the dress glitters let it inspire a mask that blends to the dress. For a great effect let the feather color of a mask pick up a color of the dress. Have blue eyes? Let them be the center of attention with a blue mask.