Incorporated In Michele Watches

The current trend in the world of fashion is “animal prints”. Many of us are not comfortable wearing clothes with animal prints, so the next best option is to opt for Michele Watches Safari Tiger Ladies collection. There are just enough of animal patterns to highlight one’s appearance and looks. The dial of this watch is made up of black enamel with tiger prints in golden color. These prints glide down the dial in a beautiful pattern. The dial has forty seven diamonds that are hand set on the dial. The case of the timepiece is made up of rose gold plating over stainless steel which is one of the hottest looks of the season. The Michele logo is positioned under the 12 o’clock. The bracelet is 7 inches long with a panther link style and a deployment clasp that ensures the security of the clasping system. And as with other Michele Watches, even this range also has the feature of interchangeable straps.

The case of the timepiece measures 33mm by 46mm with a strap width of 18mm. With a total of 115 diamonds in the watch it is a beautiful and mesmerizing piece that adds the

Jewelry Gifts for Daughter Graduation

Class Ring

Parents can order class rings through their daughter’s school, but they can also order them from different stores. They are great jewelry gifts for graduation, because they symbolize the daughter’s years at her school in a beautiful way. The class ring can have their birthstone in the center as well as their graduation year, and any club or sport that they were in while they went to school can be represented in a creative way right on the ring.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great jewelry gift to give daughters for their graduation. Every charm bracelet is different; because they can have whatever charm that the parent decides to put on for their daughter. Many parents will choose charms that represent all of the things that their daughter liked to do while in school, and their graduation year can be added as a charm as well. Parents could also add charms that represent what their daughter loved as a young girl, all the way up to what they love now. That way the charm bracelet will represent the daughter all through her years now that she is an adult.


Skin Discoloration From Costume Jewelry

Sometimes, areas covered by your favorite vintage jewelry turn green, blue or sometimes even black. This kind of change in color of your skin is caused by wearing costume jewelry for a prolonged period. These are caused due to presence of corrosive elements in your jewelry pieces. The corroded metal in your jewelry encounters air and moisture tends to rub off on your clothing and skin.

Sweat and other reactive elements in the air can react with the metal on your jewelry within minutes. These reactions soon lead to discoloration of your skin. If left unchecked for long, skin discoloration can go on to become quite dangerous.

Does this mean you can never adorn your outfits with your favorite costume jewelry pieces? Well, this problem can be easily prevented if you take the following steps:

    • Keep your jewelry clean –¬†Regular cleaning can help jewelry get rid of oxides and zinc. This will prevent corrosion and unnecessary reactions on your skin.
    • Spacers –¬†You may consider using spacers to fill up the spaces between your skin and the jewelry. This can be done in case of rings if these are loose enough

Different Types of Bangle Bracelets


There are stretch bangle bracelets that do not have clasps, but they do tend to hug close around the wrist. These are a great type of bangle to have children wear, because they are usually tight enough to fit children’s wrists better. The stretch bangles are usually made with decorative beading, diamonds, or charms.


There are also wooden bangle bracelets that are made. These are usually a little wider than the plain silver bangles. They are often painted in designs or just plain solid colors. Some are also engraved with names or sayings.


The jeweled ones are often girl’s favorites. They are the really beautiful sparkly ones with shiny colors. Little girls think of the jeweled bangles as princess bracelets or even princess crowns. These are also the kind of accessories that are stacked on the wrist with all different colors. Some of the jeweled bangle bracelets are full of diamonds, but they do come in every different birthstone. That way everyone will be able to find a bangle with their own birthstone on it. Some can be custom designed, and a lot of mothers like to have the birthstones

Custom Wristband Bracelets

There are many online custom wristbands manufacturing companies available on the Internet, which provides you personalized wristbands as per your requirements and specifications at affordable prices. You can also go through their websites to find special custom-made glow bracelets that glow in dark and come in swirled and segmented colors. These online wristbands manufacturing companies have made it easy for you to get the silicone wristbands custom-made as per your style and requirements that can help you best convey your message to your target people.

Customized silicone wristbands are more in demand today because of their good quality, look, and appeal. These wristbands are better than lower quality and thinner plastic rubber bracelets easily available in the market. Silicon rubber bracelets are available in a range of attractive colors and inscriptions. You can further customize them to make them more appealing and meaningful to you. These wristbands due to their cheap prices are within the reach of everyone. Different types of awareness bracelets, like cancer awareness bracelets and others are already available on the online shops which you can get further customized to best complement your campaign.

Custom silicone wristbands are worn by people of different

Magnetic Jewelry

A person can choose from a wide array of magnet jewelry. Some of these jewelry items include titanium bracelets, stainless steel bracelets, gold-plated stainless steel bracelets, colorful bracelets, magnetic copper bracelets, magnetic lariats, bangles, titanium necklaces, pearl necklaces, beaded necklaces, stainless steel anklets, beaded anklets, pearl bracelets, magnetic watch sets, rings of various materials (titanium, stainless steel, solid hematite, and tungsten), fat reducing rings, and magnet stud earrings.

Since the testimonials by satisfied customers are not backed by medical research, there is no harm for most people to use magnetic jewelry and other accessories. What do wearing magnetic accessories promise? Magnets may increase blood circulation and oxygenating and energizing the blood. The increased flow of blood stimulates the natural healing process of the human body.

Using magnets may aid in relieving the symptoms of ailments like sugar imbalance, diabetes, infertility, dysmenorrhea, ADD, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, asthma, insomnia, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, open wounds, and fibromyalgia. Magnets may also help to reduce nerve injury, arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The capillaries in the circulatory system are important in the understanding of how magnets relieve pain through blood flow as the capillaries regulate the flow

Personalized Name Necklace

The growing trend in jewelry is having it personalized such as a name necklace. Today, so many Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez are showcasing their personalized jewelry; and it has even become fashionable among the public to wear a copy of their signature jewelry. While some prefer to wear fashion jewelry of their favorite actresses and singers, many also proudly wear their own necklace that reads their name on it. Indeed, one of the best gifts to get someone you love is a personalized necklace. Read on to see why getting a nameplate necklace should be one of the first ideas to consider when thinking of a great gift.

  • The name distinguishes a person. Her name sets her apart from others. With a name necklace, the receiver will share her identity and uniqueness.
  • A name describes a person. For centuries, parents throughout the world have chosen strong and powerful names for their children. It is like a prophecy of what their children will become. Customizing name necklaces also allows the giver to put touches which they believe also identifies or describes the person. For example, if the receiver’s name is Karen, the giver may want to

Wear Statement Jewelry


Nobody loves a giant, sparkly cocktail ring more than I do, but if you want to combine with other jewelry, make sure you choose smaller, more delicate items so nothing else competes with the main attraction. This is a good rule to go by for all statement jewelry; it’s rarely effective to pair two or more “big” items together. Let those bigger pieces command the attention they deserve. If you have small hands, make sure your ring doesn’t dwarf your hand but stick to a ring that doesn’t extend too far past the bottom of your knuckle. If you have large hands, a bigger cocktail ring is a breath of fresh air in a sea of small, dainty rings that don’t quite measure up. Also, if you’re wearing a cocktail ring, you may want to avoid a large bracelet, at least on the same arm.


With pendants and necklaces, it’s all about your neckline. A good rule of thumb is never to wear necklaces that rest directly at the top edge of your shirt or dress; those tend to shift in and out of your clothing, competing with your neckline instead of complementing

Selecting Bridal Necklace

Among all the other jewelry accessories like ring, earrings and brooch, a bridal necklace holds a very important place. Bridal necklaces are available in a range of unique designs and patterns. They can be short or long, heavy and elegant, but they are sure to add a different appeal to your look. A pendant hanging from a metal chain or a single necklace, you can choose any of these to add sophistication of your look.

Pearl bridal necklace has been the traditional choice of brides to be for centuries. The beauty, purity and luster of pearls have always attracted brides of all ages. The white sheen of pearl goes perfectly well with the white wedding gown. Diamond and stone necklaces have become popular with time.

If you are looking for a unique look, try vintage necklaces. They usually feature large colored stones that can give a bold look to your neckline and let all eyeballs follow you. You can also opt for Victorian jewelry which has a feminine appeal to it. The different patterns like flower, butterfly, teardrops, heart and fairies, that Victorian pendants feature shows a lot of emotions.

Select a bridal necklace according

About Knotted Pearl Necklace

Choosing jewelry for your outfit

  • The focus of every outfit or piece of jewelry should not be itself, but the wearer. Meaning, the wearer should look good overall. Jewelry should not bring the focus to that which the wearer would like to hide like a protruding belly or an oversized bosom. Yes. These are the realities of life! To this end, one should look at the focus of one’s outfit and jewelry after dressing up. If it is satisfactory, then it is fine.
  • Match the jewelry to circumstances. Since jewelry is meant to catch the eye, do use it appropriately, especially at work.
  • Match jewelry with your skin tone, as well as hair color, and the color of your eyes. For example, silver goes well with fair skin, and gold with matte skin and dark hair. There are a variety of pearls and gemstones too to pick from.
  • Do not over accessorize with jewelry. Too much bling is not easy on the eye of the beholder.

A word about Tassel jewelry

Tassel jewelry is a trend nowadays and these swingy adornments can be seen hanging from necklaces, wrist bracelets and earrings of