Interchangeable Jewelry Fun

Different Materials

Charms necklace are made of every material under the sun. Whether you wish to purchase a charm made of gold, silver, gems, glass, or wood, they are all available; as are a great many more. That means you can create a look that suits you perfectly.


One of the prime advantages of this variety is that by investing in several charms of different materials or appearances, you can get more out of a particular chain or choker. A gold chain of good quality is an investment, and if you have to purchase a new one with every necklace, the cost can be prohibitive. If, on the other hand, you can use the same chain with half a dozen necklace charms, you get more bang for your buck.


One of the easiest ways to change from a style that is appropriate for the office and one that is right for going out at night is to change your accessories; that extends to your jewelry as well. While you might wear a simple necklace to work sporting a plain pendant, for the evening you may opt to string on several flashy

Swirsky Crystal Necklaces

If you fail in properly maintaining your jewelry piece, over time, you will find that the natural beauty and appealing luster will diminish.

If you are lucky enough to have this type of piece in your jewelry collection, I am certain that you would not want to experience this. This is why, in this guide, you will learn how to properly care for Swirsky crystal necklaces.

The first step for caring for your Swirsky crystal jewelry is to ensure that you limit exposure to certain elements and substances. Many people are not aware of the fact that everyday types of products such as lotions, and cosmetics may affect the necklace that is composed of this type of crystal.

You should ensure that you wait until all cosmetics and lotions are applied prior to putting this jewelry piece on. You should also make certain that the cosmetics and lotions are completely dry prior to putting the necklace on. This will help to reduce the amount of residue that gets on the necklace.

If you find that the necklace has already been tarnished by certain residues of substances that you use on a day to day

Make Handmade Jewelry

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the beads. You can easily find many kinds of beads from a bead store or craft store. The beads are commonly available in precious glass, metals, plastic, gems, and wood. If you want to make your own beads, you can use paper or clay.

The second thing that you have to do is to make your design for the necklace you want to make on the piece of paper. You need to make sure that the design is simple enough to be made.

The third thing is to cut the bead wire. You are going to cut it about 5 inches longer than you require the actual necklace to be. If you want to make short necklace, you will need approximately 20 inches wire.

The fourth thing that you need to do in making handmade jewelry is to attach one end of the clasp to the bead wire. It is required to slide the crimp bead and a clasp piece onto the wire. After that, you have to slide the end of the necklace wire back through the crimp bead. You can use the

Black Smudges

What is the main reason for the black smudges? Ok, it is gold then why does black get on you clothes? This used to be one of the great mysteries of jewelry but now the most likely reason is make-up. That means make-up like ladies wear. Make-up is ground into very fine particles and seems smooth. With a really close look with magnification, make-up has very fine particles in it. These particles act just like sandpaper on the gold!

Since the sanding action is so very fine, the particles of gold that rub off are too small to show the gold color to the eye and simply look black, like a smudge. I believe this is about 90% of the problem ladies have with gold showing smudges on skin or clothing. Seems strange but this is true!

Other reasons for the black smudges. Is, if you don’t wear make-up that could be getting on the necklace, there are some possible other reasons. The problem with these are elusive and hard to track down to one reason or the other for the smudges. If you have worn gold like this before and had no problems, it becomes

Compare Diamond Prices

There are four major factors that contribute to the pricing of a diamond – its cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut of a diamond refers not only to its shape, but how properly it was cut and polished. There are different shapes available like round, square, marquise, oval and so on. A well cut precious stone will be priced accordingly and if you see such stone, you will definitely fall in love with it.

In addition, the color of the diamond varies and there are different grades. The grades are from D to Z, where D refers to an entirely colorless piece which is very uncommon but most valuable. The Z color grade represents an unappealing dark yellow piece that is very cheap but unattractive.

Moreover, clarity of a diamond reveals the quantity of flaws it is having. The flaws could be scratches, cracks as well as clouds and the fewer the flaws, the more costly it will be. As a result of this, stones with many flaws will be cheaper than ones with fewer flaws.

Also, the size of a diamond is measured in carat but it is important to note if a

Breguet Watches

The company was established in France as a result of the diligent efforts put in by Abraham Louis Breguet. It shouldn’t be surprising to note that it has been patronized into popularity by people who have themselves made it to the pages of history. Few of the first admirers of these watches include Queen Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte. Talking about the watch in its more contemporary surroundings, the watch has continued in the line of luxury watch making ever since its establishment.

Breguet Watches have held on to their extensive and rich cultural heritage, because they have stuck to its classic creations. The most contemporary watches from this brand have the classic look and feel to them. This has come to form the lifeblood of this line of watches. The fact that the watch has stuck to its original designs and has taken little to the contemporary designs has helped the brand maintain its originality and command a large number of admirers. Breguet has long been in high end watch making. Their watches are a culmination of technology and a classic style that set them apart from similar collections from other watch makers from

Jaquet Droz Watches

The collection called Paris Elegance is a beautiful watch collection. The brand has a close relationship with Paris, the city of love. The title of this collection is apt as every model in this collection has been crafted with such love and looks extremely elegant as well. A complete collection that is high on fashion, it has models to suit every personality. Right from diamond studded watches to simple dials with beautiful art work on them. This collection has something to offer to every woman. These jewellery watches look stunning and the beautiful detailing on the dials make the timepiece perfect for every occasion. Some watches have pearl and enamel detailing for those looking for a more refined time piece without any diamonds. It is the brands prettiest collection.

The Urban London collection for men strikes a perfect balance between futuristic style and functionality. If you are looking for a time piece that sets you apart from others, then this collection is perfect for you. The bold designs of these time pieces have managed to create waves in the watch industry of the world. These models have been crafted with precision using the highest quality of components.

Look Best With Costume Jewelry

If you are an avid fan of accessorizing for success, this is the perfect opportunity to impress your future business partner, boss, or client. Many women get positive results if they are properly representing themselves and their business to other people. So, it is a good idea to not just wear your best attire, but accentuate it with some jewelry as well.

For a woman who fears the high price of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals, it is best to search for alternatives. This is just one reason why costume jewelry online was created. Back in the 1930’s, many women wore costume jewelry made of semi-precious metals and stones. These became famous for many decades and you can still see many of the vintage styles still popular today.

A fashion forward woman is someone who loves to mix and match attire with accessories. With the low price of such jewelry, you can easily have a collection that will complement any of your attires. You can wear them at work or at a gathering. You can choose the flaunty ones and the simple ones for a variety of occasions, situations, and holidays.

Finding the

Incorporated In Michele Watches

The current trend in the world of fashion is “animal prints”. Many of us are not comfortable wearing clothes with animal prints, so the next best option is to opt for Michele Watches Safari Tiger Ladies collection. There are just enough of animal patterns to highlight one’s appearance and looks. The dial of this watch is made up of black enamel with tiger prints in golden color. These prints glide down the dial in a beautiful pattern. The dial has forty seven diamonds that are hand set on the dial. The case of the timepiece is made up of rose gold plating over stainless steel which is one of the hottest looks of the season. The Michele logo is positioned under the 12 o’clock. The bracelet is 7 inches long with a panther link style and a deployment clasp that ensures the security of the clasping system. And as with other Michele Watches, even this range also has the feature of interchangeable straps.

The case of the timepiece measures 33mm by 46mm with a strap width of 18mm. With a total of 115 diamonds in the watch it is a beautiful and mesmerizing piece that adds the

Jewelry Gifts for Daughter Graduation

Class Ring

Parents can order class rings through their daughter’s school, but they can also order them from different stores. They are great jewelry gifts for graduation, because they symbolize the daughter’s years at her school in a beautiful way. The class ring can have their birthstone in the center as well as their graduation year, and any club or sport that they were in while they went to school can be represented in a creative way right on the ring.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great jewelry gift to give daughters for their graduation. Every charm bracelet is different; because they can have whatever charm that the parent decides to put on for their daughter. Many parents will choose charms that represent all of the things that their daughter liked to do while in school, and their graduation year can be added as a charm as well. Parents could also add charms that represent what their daughter loved as a young girl, all the way up to what they love now. That way the charm bracelet will represent the daughter all through her years now that she is an adult.