Must-Have Shoes for Men


First of all, they are not running shoes. You may tell yourself that your running shoes are comfortable; therefore, they go with just about anything. Or you may think they make any outfit look trendy. I can’t tell you enough how fashionably wrong you are.

If you must prioritize comfort, go for classic sneakers you can wear with jeans, pants and even shorts. Adidas does this best with their Red Lavers now out in a multitude of materials and colors.


This pair is a classic that should be on the top of the every man’s must-have list. Everyone need to have a pair. Think of them as an investment, get a nice pair, and make sure to take good care of them.

Polish them on regular basis and store them properly. They look excellent with dark jeans and other dark colored pants. And they will definitely add a bit more swagger to your walk especially if you don them on with a great suit. Lastly, never ever wear them with shorts. Ever.


Wing tips are a great pair to own especially if you’re the type of guy who likes not having to polish and clean out your footwear all the time. Another great thing about brown ones is that they usually come in a slightly distressed finish.

You can get yours from Cole Haan and expect them to be extra comfy and even more so over time. They are very easy to wear and look excellent in jeans and pants that have texture in them.


This is a perfect shoe especially for the casual dresser. They look excellent in a variety of shades particularly those in, well, the desert sand color range. They just look downright cool and trendy without going overboard.

You don’t have to be the most fashionable person out there to be able to bring on a rugged vibe in this pair. In fact, should the occasion and the outfit call for it, this pair can be worn dressier, particularly if made with a thicker sole just like what brands like Tod’s carry. You can also trust on Tod’s to create well-made pairs.