Layering Necklaces

This season I have gotten really into layering my necklaces to create new looks and creative ensembles. Layered necklaces can really help tie an outfit together when different necklaces in the bunch compliment other aspects of the outfit. This trend is hugely popular among the hottest of Hollywood’s stars. The key to layering necklaces is using different styles of necklaces. If you layer necklaces that are all the similar or the same, the look is not as effective or nearly as interesting. Look for necklaces that are of different lengths. Also try alternating pendants and beaded necklaces. You also should not be afraid of mixing metals. In the past, mixing gold and sterling silver jewelry was seen as tacky, but when it comes to this trend, mixing metals is completely fine. Don’t worry about your necklaces being too bulky. Usually, the more you have on, the better! Just do not go overboard. Somewhere between 3 and 6 necklaces be about good! If the individual necklaces are bulky on their own opt for a smaller number of necklaces. If they are thin and dainty on their own, then feel free to add some more! Try to mix the weight, color, size, length, and style. If you follow these general rules then you are sure to come out looking trendy and fierce!

The problem I have found with necklace layering is the possible tangles that can happen between the layered necklaces. I have a few long dainty necklaces that tend to swing and get caught in other necklaces. So, be careful when you layer and pay special attention to any daintier necklaces. This trend is all about having the most fun you can with jewelry pieces that you already own, so have a ball and create some new combos!