Jewelry Gifts for Daughter Graduation

Class Ring

Parents can order class rings through their daughter’s school, but they can also order them from different stores. They are great jewelry gifts for graduation, because they symbolize the daughter’s years at her school in a beautiful way. The class ring can have their birthstone in the center as well as their graduation year, and any club or sport that they were in while they went to school can be represented in a creative way right on the ring.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great jewelry gift to give daughters for their graduation. Every charm bracelet is different; because they can have whatever charm that the parent decides to put on for their daughter. Many parents will choose charms that represent all of the things that their daughter liked to do while in school, and their graduation year can be added as a charm as well. Parents could also add charms that represent what their daughter loved as a young girl, all the way up to what they love now. That way the charm bracelet will represent the daughter all through her years now that she is an adult.


A locket is a necklace that has a heart or circle that opens up. Inside that shape, parents can put pictures inside for their daughter. Parents can put pictures of themselves and of their daughter in the locket for their daughter, especially if it is a gift for high school graduation and their daughter will be moving away for the first time to go to college.

Diamond Earrings

Almost every girl has wanted a pair of diamond earrings, but not many of them get to have them. Girls are not responsible enough to take care of something as expensive as diamond earrings until they are in their late teens or early twenties, and by then most are in college without enough money to be able to buy them. After women have their own children it is hard to be able to buy jewelry, because most of their money is going to go to their children. So diamond earrings are actually a great jewelry gift for parents to give to their daughters for graduation. Their daughter is going to be old enough to take care of this expensive gift, and they will have a great pair of earrings to wear at all of their big events now that she is an adult.