Humble Clutch

  • Season Styles
    The floral style clutch with a hint of sparkle is the ideal and popular candidate for that beautiful empire line dress that has been waiting in your wardrobe for the perfect opportunity to bring out the summer in yourself. Or why not even go for the patriotic union jack clutch that adds to and finishes off that worn jeans and plain blouse concoction?
    With pale pinks, classic blacks and reds the clutch colours for this season, they are definitely an acceptable accessory whether it’s a trip to town or a day at the races. Why not stand out this summer?
  • Lace Clutch
    Lace clutches have always been stylish. With lace being an expensive material, it adds that classy and pricey look to a clutch which may have been a bargain. With pale pinks and blacks in this season even an everyday coral dress with chiffon over lay can be matched perfectly with a classy black lace clutch and shoes giving a gorgeous sophisticated look. Why not be brave and add a little Victorian in to your summer wardrobe? Lace collars and shoes matched with the textbook black and white lace clutch will make any complexion look stunning as well as provide that innocent, doll face image.
  • Straps
    Most clutch bags now have a detachable chain or strap which puts a glorious end to that burden of carrying it everywhere. Those nights out can become more like a babysitting session when you are constantly watching after your beloved bag.However, with the clutch being a must have accessory, we can ignore this minor draw back and admire it for the respectable accessory it is. With the option of a strap your little clutch can be at your side at all times so the worry of where you left it is no longer an issue as it is either on your wrist or your shoulder making your evening even more enjoyable.
  • Sequin Clutch
    Sequin clutches are absolutely perfect for that Friday night out look, with the disco lights shining that little clutch will make you sparkle like a diamond out there and who does not want to be seen on the dance-floor? Metallic tops, dresses and outfits are a popular style this season so why not add to the glimmer and accessorise with a sequin clutch? A metallic gold above the knee dress is complimented by a black sequin clutch making the whole outfit even more eye-catching. However be careful with overly sequinned metallic dresses and clutch. These two popular items together can clash and your gorgeous, sexy sequin bag will be hidden by the glamour of your metallic dress.