How to Rock a Blazer

Blazers also come in different styles. There are those that are fitting and long and there are also those that are not very fitting and short. There are also oversize blazers and they look amazing. When you wear a fitting blazer, it is best that you wear it with a dress, skirt or well-fitting pants. Your skirt or dress should be short as the blazer will complement it very well and bring a good shape out of you. An oversize blazer should never be worn with skirts. You will look funny if you wear an oversize blazer with a skirt. Oversize blazers look amazing when paired with well-fitting pants and high heels. These bring out class and elegance.

There are different types of blazers fit for different body types. Slender women look great with most types of blazers. They are mostly able to pull off any look that they try with the blazer. Plus sized woman usually look amazing and very elegant when they wear stripped blazers. The stripes flatter their bodies and make them look slender and appealing to the eye. Blazers that are short and go up to the waist also bring out the best in plus sized women. These blazers flatter their waist lines and make them look shapely. The short blazers are the best to invest in if you are plus sized. You should try your best to settle for a blazer that goes to the waist and not further and that has stripes if you are plus sized as this will greatly flatter your figure.

There are blazers that have half sleeves. There are those that have three quarter sleeves and there are also those that have full sleeves. Three quarter and short sleeves are amazing to wear. This is because they look amazing and very stylish. You should try and buy a blazer that is half or three quarter sleeved so as to look amazing. The short sleeves are great for plus size women. Slender women will look amazing in all kinds of sleeves because their hands are slender and thus will not fill up the sleeve and make it look funny. Buttoning up blazers is something that not many people do. Blazers that are fitting should be buttoned up as they will add glamor to the outfit. Those that are not fitting or oversize should however not be buttoned because they will not look amazing. Women should try and be adventurous with their blazers. They should try and pair their blazers with a good number of outfits and see what result they get.