Handmade Bead Jewelry

The length of a necklace is a key part of its look. Choker length is from 14″-16″ and sits just above the collarbone. Some chokers are made with an extension chain, offering the wearer the ability to lengthen the necklace by about 2″ for a custom fit. The popular princess, or medium length, is generally from 17″-19″ long and rests below the collarbone, while the matinee, or longer style necklace, can be from 20″-24″.

The components in a handmade bead jewelry necklace should be compatible with the necklace length. For example, substantial beads, or a necklace with a large pendant or focal bead generally looks best in a princess length necklace. The stones or beads in a choker typically are very small, but they can also be quite bold in size for a more dramatic look. Avoid components which are so large and bulky that they interfere with the smooth curve of the necklace. A medium-to-large sized beaded cabochon with fringe looks great in a longer style necklace. The fringe has a lovely dancing motion that is very eye-catching.

When you are selecting a beaded necklace, keep in mind the type of clothing you want to wear it with, as well as the occasion it will be best suited for. Some pieces are definitely informal, great to wear with t-shirts and denim. Others will be go-to-work jewelry, useful for dressing a basic outfit up or down. If you have a special or formal event to attend, such as a reunion or wedding, what better accessory could you want than a one-of-a-kind, designer original handmade necklace that no one else has?

Beaded jewelry can take a basic wardrobe and make it much more versatile. Part of the fun of having a large collection of beaded necklaces is trying them with different clothes. Instead of wearing the same necklace with the same outfit every time, experiment with unusual or unexpected combinations. You will be delighted at the positive comments you receive when you make handmade bead jewelry a part of your individual look!