Dress Properly For A Formal Party

  • Determine the Type of Event:
    Often the invitation for a formal event mentions the dress code. However, the dress codes vary from one formal event to another. While attending a white-tie event, you can wear a full-length evening gown. But you have to wear a dressy cocktail dress or a full-length evening gown, while attending a black tie event. If the event is black tie optional, you can choose from the dressy cocktail dress, full- length evening gown or formal separates without pant. However, you also have to wear specially designed formal cocktail dress if you are attending a cocktail party.
  • Consider the Length and Fabric of the Dress:
    While evaluating the formal dresses, you must concentrate on the quality of the fabric, and ensure that it looks different from your everyday wear. It is a good idea to determine the fabric based on its shine and texture. Similar to the fabric, you also need to pay attention to details of construction. For instance, you have to choose a dress with appropriate length. As the event is formal, you must avoid wearing a dress that reveals too much cleavage. Also, the hem of the skirt must not go beyond one to two inches over the knee. You must evaluate the construction of the dress thoroughly to ensure that the formal party dress is not making the wrong statement.
  • Try the New Dress Out:
    It is also important to choose a dress that perfectly complements your figure and body shape. Once you shortlist the formal party dresses, you must try each garment. You can even ask your friends to check the fit of each dress. You must go up a size, if there is any creasing, bunching or pulling. Also, you need to pay attention to the shoulder seams, and ensure that it remains at the edge of your shoulder.