Comfy Footwear

About one fourth of the adult population today has flat feet. If the flat feet are not dealt with properly, it can cause many painful problems. The problem of fallen arches can be treated using insoles or custom orthotics. Shoes with the right kind of support for the arches are also very much helpful as they prevent the problem from getting worse. One of the common problems caused by this is over pronation. This puts stress on inside and outside of the feet. Some other problems include appearance of calluses, bunions and bursitis on the feet.

Flat feet can also cause your ankles to go inwards. This, in turn, causes the alignment in your legs to go off and result in problems of your knees as well as hips. Motion control shoes can be quite helpful in such situations. They can help a long way if you have this problem or over-pronated feet. Motion control shoes can also support the heels and maintain the knee alignment in a better way. These shoes also have padding and support for the arch which is very helpful for people with fallen arches.

Shoes that are flimsy are a bad choice for people with this type of conditions because they do not provide any support. For instance, flimsy moccasins can create more problems for people with flat feet. If such shoes are worn on a regular basis, they can actually make the condition even worse. Regular use of such shoes can result in a chronic arthritis, inflammatory problems or the deforming of joints. These changes can cause a lot of pain during day to day activities.

People who have this or suffer from the painful problems are often advised to use shoes that are fitted with a custom designed orthotic which can be used with different types of shoes. Many individuals get relief by using the orthotic insoles directly brought from stores. However, it is best to get a pair of customized insoles if your problem is very serious.

There are also several good quality shoes that are designed to provide support for the arches while maintaining the natural position of your feet. Such shoes will help you a lot if you have serious problems. These shoes help by reducing the strain from the inside of the feet. This also helps in reducing the chances of getting bursitis.