Choose Jewelry for Your Prom

Jewelry is to complement, not to overpower. You don’t want the dangling glittering jewelry to steal all the attention from your gown. You need a balanced look. Don’t put on all pieces of jewelry together as that will make you look tacky and gaudy. Choose just two or three pieces from earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Sometimes one piece is enough if you’ve got an ornate prom dress.

Choose jewelry that flatters your dress style. Simple dresses will look better with bold impressive jewelry like shiny diamond necklaces and rhinestone earrings. If you want an elegant and quiet look, you can match your simple classy dress with pearl jewelry. Choose simple jewelry if your dress is sumptuous and gorgeous.

Also mind the jewelry color. Try not to have the exactly same color as your dress color. Go for complementary colors instead. A neutral one such as black and cream also works. Generally speaking, for multi-color dresses, you’d better wear single-color jewelry. If your prom dress is in single color, try colorful pieces and you’ll get a good effect.

Here follows some detailed matching ideas.

  • Up do or short hair – You can play with different types of earrings. Stud earrings, drop earrings and hoops all look elegant with these two hairstyles. If you have a long and slim neck, chandelier earrings will be the best. Add bold necklace if you like, or just try a simple necklace to avoid clashing with the stunning earrings.
  • Long hair down – You need a pair of earrings that make a statement in this case. Studs will not show themselves here. Bigger, bolder earrings make themselves noticed with a flattering look. Now skip a bold necklace and a bracelet.
  • Strapless dress – A bolder piece of necklace matches with strapless dresses perfectly. Just make sure the necklace doesn’t touch the fabric. If you prefer a simple dressy necklace, add a pair of earrings to make a fuller look.
  • High-necked dress – Turn from the necklace to graceful earrings or tasteful bracelets.
  • Square neckline dress – A square-necked dress is a wonderful setting for displaying a round choker necklace. A short diamond or crystal pendant is also a great option.
  • V-neck or sweet-heart dress – Matching the V-neck with a long necklace or a pendant will help you to complement the empty upper chest area. The necklace should end at the middle between the neck and the point of the V or heart neckline.

When shopping for your prom jewelry, you’d better choose the ones that not only accentuate your prom ensemble but also be suitable for your daily outfit after the prom. Remember, good jewelry is better wearing than lying in jewelry case.

Search in local antique malls, vintage clothing stores, craft galleries and online shops, you’ll find the perfect jewelry that sets you apart from the crowd.