Men’s Cross Necklaces

The first thing that you need to think about is the design of the jewelry. Each individual has their own preference when it comes to the design. For instance, some men like big chunky jewelry which functions as a “bling” pretty much like hip-hop stars wear.

Other times, men like understated simple jewelry. Maybe ones that have a small cross pendant or a thin chain. The second thing to remind yourself of is the type of metal it will come in. Decide whether you want to go ahead and get him a silver necklace or a gold one. Pay attention to the kind of jewelry that they are already wearing. This will give you an idea as to which one you’ll get.

The third thing you need to consider is your budget. Although you might want to go ahead and get them the best piece, it’s still essential that you stay within your budget. Choose from a set that’s within your price range so that you won’t have to spend extra in getting the jewelry you think they will like.

Most men’s cross necklaces are not just meant to be worn for fashion, but they are also meant to be worn to exhibit personality and faith. Even though it might not be absolutely common to find guys who like to wear necklaces, there are plenty of men who like to exhibit their style and personality through their jewelry.

The cross necklace or pendant is just one of the many preferred design choices that men like to have and wear. Other common design choices for men include dogtags, which can be personalized according to the preference of the wearer.

There are actually so many other designs that men can choose from. Even the material that the necklace is made of can vary. Some are made from either gold or silver; others are made from leather or even organic materials like bone or shells.

There are also necklaces that have precious stones set in them, similar to what most hip hop stars or rappers wear. One of the most common design that you will see is the cross. Apart from the fact that it serves as a great fashion piece, it can mean a lot more depending on the spirituality of the wearer.

About Standing Jewelry Armoire

Getting proper jewelry storage is essential not only for preserving the quality and value of your jewelry pieces but also in making them conveniently accessible for your use. It is also important for securing your jewelry collection from prying eyes and hands. An ideal jewelry storage solution would be one that protects every piece from dust, direct sunlight, moisture, impacts and scratches. It must be something that can accommodate small jewelry boxes like those intended for pairs of earrings and cuff links. It must be something that is not just a storage box but also an item that can complement the existing décor of your room. A stylish and secure standing jewelry armoire can offer function, convenience and security for storing your jewelry pieces.

Silver and gold jewelry pieces need to be stored in a special cloth, which is intended to absorb moisture and prevent oxidation. This should prevent the jewelry from tarnishing. For age-old heirlooms, more intricate storage may be required such as air-tight padded containers.

More importantly, when storing jewelry pieces, you first need to group them accordingly. For instance, group together all pieces with pearls, gemstones, diamonds or gold. Each material has specific care requirements that must be met. For instance, precious gems need to be stored with a slightly dampened cotton ball to preserve their luster and prevent them from drying out. Pearls need to be lightly rubbed with mineral oil before storing to increase their sheen and preserve their beauty.

Organize your jewelry collection into groups of necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. Necklaces are arguably the most challenging to store. Often, you find jewelry boxes with knotted chains of necklaces. To prevent necklaces from tangling, they are best stored hanging on a hook. As a rule of thumb, pendants are best stored separate from the necklace. Hanging your necklaces with its pendant on may only stretch the chain out of shape. Provide separate jewelry storage or a box for your pendants. With rings, these pieces are best stored with their decorated portion facing upward. This is also a practical tip since making your ring’s designs visible allows you to conveniently keep track of your growing ring collection and easily pick out which one to complement your outfit best. There are special ring holders that can be used such as miniature velvet padded hands and velvet rods that look like a long cat’s tail.

A nice standing jewelry armoire offers a one-spot storage for all your jewelry pieces. A standing jewelry armoire is a designed to accommodate your growing collection with felt-lined drawers, others with flip-top mirror, double doors and pegs for necklaces. They are available in wall-mounted and free-standing versions to complement any space and décor. Traditional and modern contemporary designs come in wood finishes, veneers and laminates to withstand years of storing your jewelry in style.

Teen Body Piercing Trend

Piercings are safe when done properly and that is why it is very important to choose the piercing shop or professional who will be doing the procedure. Though there are still risks, as for any another type of invasive procedure, these can be minimized by researching which piercing shops and professionals are most equipped and trained. Body piercing should always be done in a hygienic facility by a trained professional.

It is also good to know what type of jewelry your teen would need. There are several types of body jewelry that are used depending of the piercing site. Earrings, ear studs, labrets, bellyrings, industrials, tapers, plugs, and dermals are just some of the types of jewelry used in piercing. In addition, besides for the type of jewelry to be used, it is also important to know what kind of materials this jewelry is made of. For new piercings, it is highly advised to use inert metals like high karat gold, platinum or titanium. These metals are ideal because they can be made with very little or no nickel, which is the leading cause for irritation due to contact dermatitis. If you are on a budget, there are also affordable options like 316L stainless steel body jewelry which is hypoallergenic and, even though have nickel, has been found not to trigger dermatitis.

Understanding what to expect after the piercing is also important like aftercare and healing duration. Each body part has different times on how long it will take to heal and each person also has different reaction after the procedure. On average, a body piercing can take a few weeks to heal or take a year depending on the body site. Oral piercings, for example, can take six to eight weeks on average. It is also worth mentioning that oral and nasal piercings have less prone to infection because of the body’s tremendous defensive strategies, though this can be different for person to person. Navel piercings, on the other hand, can take up to nine months to fully heal.

If body piercing really appeals to your teen, as a parent, it is best to understand the process of having one so that you can fully explain it to your son or daughter. Because of teens are at the time where they are passionate about certain things, outright forbidding it can push some of them to rebel and get it themselves. Because it is a permanent body modification, parents should be informed on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing body jewelry so that you can fully explain it to your teen.

Wedding Jewelry Choice

Like any other events, there are certain acceptable standards when it comes to choosing jewelry pieces that fit your wedding. The style of the gown determines which style of jewelry if best for the occasion. For low necklines, it is good to wear superb earrings with a matching necklaces. Whereas for high necklines, earrings is a good idea but not a necklace. In general, a simple wedding gown requires an elegant set or style of jewelries, while a detailed and glittery wedding gown needs only simple styled jewelry pieces.

Necklaces come in various lengths and each length compliment different necklines of gowns. The Choker is a necklace from one to three strands and is perfect for bateau neckline as the choker may not be noticeable if a neckline exposes too much skin. Three or more strands securely fit round the middle neck is the Collar necklace, a Victorian styled jewelry piece that is ideal for plunging and strapless necklines. Also perfect for strapless gowns is the Princess Necklace, and falls just below the neck’s hollow that serves as perfect support for the pendant; is usually sixteen inches in length and actually goes well not just with strapless but with every neckline save for a high neckline. Matinee has a length in between Princess an Opera and sets just on top of the bust; looks perfect with lower, jewel or bateau necklines. The Opera is the longest length for a necklace usually of single strand that falls just under the bust line; appears classic when worn with high neckline.

As with earrings, there are also some considerations on which to choose. Brides with a rounder facial structure, is appropriate to wear button earrings. A heart-faced bride is good to wear a dangle earring while a long face is perfect for squared earrings. Simple earrings are more appropriate when the necklace is large in size and more grand in style. Bracelet is another jewelry piece that may be worn with short-sleeved, three-fourths gowns or dresses that are sleeveless. Watches are considered an inappropriate jewelry piece for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Pearls are often chosen in a wedding jewelry because of being symbolic for purity, perfection and wealth. It is also associated by the ancient Greek marriages, love and unmatched beauty and is believed to encourage harmony in marriage.

Although an important factor also depends on the budget and personal preference of the person wearing a jewelry. Whether she wants to wear precious stones, diamonds or synthetic and man-made gems. What’s more essential is ensuring the jewelry be not too intense to overshadow the wedding dress or its color. White wedding gown is perfect for silver and pearls. Ivory pearls with gold looks best with an ivory gown. While a pale pink or beige colored bridal gown would appear great if accentuated with ivory, gold and matching faux gems and stones.

Murano Glass Necklaces

A simple Murano glass necklace can transform the plainest little black dress into a high fashion. Murano glass necklaces can be worn with fur and cashmere or with ripped jeans and sneakers. And what is even more interesting, the same passion for Murano necklaces existed for the last five centuries.

What is it about Murano jewelry that has such timeless appeal and it crosses all geographical boundaries? We can only guess, and everyone has his or her own theory, but the truth has to do with the combination of perfect craftsmanship, exquisite artistic vision and centuries of tradition that make Murano glass so unique and recognizable.

There was a time when glass jewelry was more expensive and more coveted than the precious stones. Since the Egyptian times, making glass was so difficult that it was highly valued and owned only by royalty and very rich traders. Most ancient glass jewelry was made with beads and some beads survived to this day to show the craftsmanship of the glassmakers of old.

Murano glassmakers perfected the bead making techniques and came up with many new ways of creating perfect tiny orbs in thousands of colors, shapes, forms and sizes.

The art of making Murano glass starts with the creation of beads, each made by hand, in the centuries old tradition, with passion and craftsmanship that was never surpassed. But, making perfect beads is not the end of the art of making Murano necklaces. Placing beads of different colors and sizes together to form a perfect piece of jewelry requires not only the craftsmanship, but an eye of a true artist as well.

Beads made in Murano are today one of the greatest exports from this ancient island in the Venetian lagoon. Artists and craft lovers all over the world import beads from Murano and use them to express their own artistic vision in creating glass jewelry.

But, glass necklaces created in Murano are even more valued than the hand-made beads and are sought after by fashionable women in all parts of the world. Murano artists have centuries of tradition behind them to create the perfect play of beads and precious metals, crystal translucent beads and tiny orbs in all colors of the rainbow.

Contemporary Murano does not only rely on tradition in the creation of spectacular glass jewelry. There are young Italian artists that build on that tradition and weave it with their own artistic talent to create magnificent pieces of glass jewelry that is at the same time modern, fashionable and instantly recognizable as Murano.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

One of the things which some people favor about jewelry with a magnetic clasp is that these types of clasps are very easy to use. Although these jewelry clasps usually use quite a strong magnet, to prevent the item from being pulled off easily, they are still useable by most people. This means that they can be used in jewelry which is being made for people who may otherwise struggle to use some alternative forms of jewelry clasp. Many older people struggle to use smaller lobster claw clasps or small screw clasps, because their fingers are not dexterous enough. This type of fastening is therefore ideal if you are trying to create jewelry for people with limited movement.

Although some people may criticize the fact that these types of clasps will separate if force is applied to them, others find this a favorable quality. Many enjoy the fact that if they are wearing a necklace with a magnetic clasp, and the necklace is pulled sharply, their necklace will come off before serious damage is done to the neck. Although they do not want to lose their necklace, it is by far preferable to lose a necklace than it is to lose a head! This type of jewelry clasp is therefore idea for anyone who worries about strangulation, or for mothers who have grabby babies who like to pull on their necklaces.

Some forms of magnetic clasp jewelry are actually used for more than just their practical uses. It is believed that magnetic jewelry can actually act as a form of arthritis relief. Many people buy magnetic items if they want light relief from a large number of joint related illnesses. Thousands of people swear by the positive effects of jewelry which include magnets.

Despite the many positive things about this type of jewelry clasp, they should also be used with a degree of caution. If you are considering using magnetic jewelry findings, you must make sure that you keep them away from young children, because they can be dangerous. If magnetic fastenings are swallowed, then you must contact a doctor immediately, because they can be very dangerous. Magnetic clasps and fastenings on necklaces should also be avoided by anyone who has a pacemaker, because the magnets could have an effect on how the pacemaker works.

Hamsa Necklace

According to Jewish tradition, the five fingers of human hand represent the five books of our Holy Bible. Therefore it can act as a brawny defensive tool to fight with the evil eye. The hand shaped amulets symbolize the hand of Almighty which is said to create a protective guard about the wearer. It is believed to protect the user from evil things a man is surrounded by such as, misfortune, envy, diseases, sorrow accidents, hatred and many more. By wearing the luck charm the wearer is blessed with happiness and leads a prosperous life. The trend of wearing Hamsa jewelry is spreading rapidly as more and more people gain the vision that it acts as protective shield for them. Now we see a number of people wearing wither

People choose to wear Hamsa necklaces out of the belief that it can bring happiness to their life.

The most emerging buyers of Hamsa jewelry are worried parents. With a hope of giving the divine protection to their children, more and more parents are buying evil eye jewelry like Hamsa Bracelet or necklace and Hamsa ring and pendant. They believe that the Divine power of Hamsa will provide security to their children and help in their studies and developing their career.

Some fashion conscious children refuse to wear the Hamsa amulets. The manufacturers have come up with other accessories such as Hamsa key chains or Hamsa mobile phone accessories and Hamsa car accessories as well as home blessing to be placed anywhere as required. Keeping these accessories handy will ensure that he is always under the powers of protective forces of Hamsa charm no matter wherever he moves.

Hamsa jewelry is not limited to bracelets and necklaces; you will get a wide range of attractive and trendy Hamsa pendants as well as rings and earrings in most attractive designs. You can change the overall look of your personality and look gorgeous with good looking Hamsa jewelry.

Hamsa necklaces and all forms of Hamsa accessories are readily obtainable at lucrative rates. You might not afford to purchase exclusive diamond jewelry buy Hamsa Jewelry are so affordable that you can easily buy them for your personal use and use them almost anywhere like office or sporty get-togethers and even in formal parties.

Buy the Perfect Jewelry Necklaces

Most people buy jewelry after careful consideration especially if it is made of precious metals and stones. The kind of jewelry you wear has a lot to say about your personality and it can also make an immense difference to your appearance. You therefore need to know how to buy jewelry carefully so that it can enhance your looks to the maximum extent possible.

When you go shopping for jewelry necklaces there is an immense variety available and it can get quite confusing for you. There are however a few universal rules that can help you select a necklace that suits you best.

To start with, you should buy the necklace based upon the occasion you will wear it for and the outfit it is supposed to be paired with. There are necklaces that are more appropriate for casual events whereas heavy or expensive ones are more suitable for formal events. You should also take care to buy a necklace that does not visually overpower you or your outfit. There are certain designs, especially those that include diamond pendants, which can be worn for any occasion.

Necklaces, with or without pendants can be worn in different lengths depending on what feature you want to highlight. If you have a low cut outfit that shows your bosom off to an advantage, make sure that you select a long necklace with a very unique pendant that reaches an inch or so higher than your outfit’s neckline. This will draw attention to this area.

If, on the other hand, it is your slender or graceful neck that you wish to highlight, then you should wear a necklace, with or without a pendant that sits on your collar bone. Short necklaces are very inappropriate for people with short or thick necks because it will call attention to this unattractive fact. Never make the mistake of wearing pendants that disappear into your neckline because it will spoil the overall look of the outfit.

Pearl necklaces should be bought with a lot of care because they come in different hues and you have to make sure that the one you purchase suits your skin tone perfectly. The rules regarding length appear here as well. In addition, a petite person should wear medium to small pearls whereas a large person can carry off dramatically large pearls.

Buy Gold and Diamond Necklace

When buying gold necklaces, the first step is to ascertain the purity of gold. No one uses 24 carat gold as this is very soft. Jewelry is generally available in 18, 20 or 22 carat gold. The higher the number, the more the quantity of gold in it. However, gold is a very soft metal and requires the addition of copper or silver to give it strength.

Another important factor is the design. Simple designs are easier to make and therefore incur less charge. Intricate and complicated designs generally cost more.

Buying diamond necklaces is not that simple. There are more factors to consider. When choosing a diamond, you must consider the 4C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

The beauty and brilliance of a diamond vary with the above factors. However, a diamond that scores high on all four counts will be highly expensive. If you are on a budget, concentrate on the cut and the carat weight. A nicely cut diamond sparkles brilliantly.

Essentially, there are two kinds of diamond and gold necklaces: pendants and diamond jewelry necklace. While a diamond pendant hangs on a gold or silver chain, a diamond jewelry necklace has diamonds encrusted all over the necklace. So, whether you desire a cute little diamond heart or a diamond solitaire, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

Diamond and gold necklaces are worn at different lengths, according to the attire and personal preferences of the wearer. Necklaces that are long accentuate the bust area while short necklaces attract the eyes to the neck and face. Diamond choker necklaces are a common choice among the shorter necklaces. The choker necklace hugs the neck and projects a totally different look when compared to long necklaces. If you have a long, creamy neck that you want to show off, then, the choker necklace is the best option.

As Hollywood celebrities will tell you, a gold and diamond necklace is a surefire way of attracting attention. Well crafted necklaces add beauty and glamour to any attire. Even history bears witness to the beauty and attraction of diamond gold necklaces. King Louis XVl presented Marie Antoinette with a diamond necklace that contained the Hope Diamond which weighed a whopping 45.52 carats!

Bridal Jewelry For Spring Wedding

Beyond a necklace and earrings for you, the bride, you should also think about your bridal party and how their jewelry can enhance your look but not over shadow it. Trends for both dresses and jewelry wedding are leaning toward color in both dresses and jewelry. While basic pearls and teardrop earrings remain popular, bursts of color are appearing in these traditional bridal jewelry wear and more and more, brides are choosing to have their bridal party wear various colors instead of all one matching color for their jewelry selections. Even different styles for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are accepted and can make your bridal party unique.

When thinking about your spring bridal jewelry for the upcoming spring season instead of going with sterling silver necklaces and earrings, choose alternate colored jewelry such as turquoise and costume jewelry with colors like purple, blue, and pink. Ruby red, faux pearls in all colors, and even black crystal necklaces are on the rise. Big and bold statements are popular for spring in almost any design of bridal jewelry.

New twists are being made in bridal jewelry for spring and while it’s still popular to wear everything from traditional to vintage jewelry, the styles and colors are fresh and new in sterling silver, gold, and faux and costume jewelry. Bulk necklaces that shout color and uniqueness are also in for the New Year in many designs.

Finding bridal jewelry for your spring wedding doesn’t have to be expensive either, whether you are choosing styles for yourself as the bride, or for the entire wedding party. Popular wedding color themes for spring are leaning toward wildflowers in bright greens, pinks, yellows, and greens. Coordinating jewelry for spring wildflower themes include chokers, teardrop necklaces and earrings, crystals of all kinds, and varied styles of both gold and silver combination.

Brides and their attendants are straying from the traditional high cut necklines this spring and v-neck and scooping lower necklines are being enhanced by longer necklaces with bright detail, styles, and shades.

Before you buy your spring bridal jewelry, think about your theme and colors and make it a fun event. While you may wear pink faux pearls and teardrop earrings, have your attendants compliment your jewelry style with flower designs in varied colors or pick jewelry with a flair for the more dramatic in twisted silver and gold or rhinestones in colors that match your theme.

If you want to give your bridal party their spring wedding jewelry for a gift to wear the day of your wedding, it’s becoming appropriate to look for styles that don’t scream wedding, but instead, choosing styles that can be worn for any occasion-even causal. If you do a little research and use your imagination, your spring bridal wedding jewelry can be fresh, unique, and remarkably received by both your attendants and the guests at your wedding.