Breguet Watches

The company was established in France as a result of the diligent efforts put in by Abraham Louis Breguet. It shouldn’t be surprising to note that it has been patronized into popularity by people who have themselves made it to the pages of history. Few of the first admirers of these watches include Queen Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte. Talking about the watch in its more contemporary surroundings, the watch has continued in the line of luxury watch making ever since its establishment.

Breguet Watches have held on to their extensive and rich cultural heritage, because they have stuck to its classic creations. The most contemporary watches from this brand have the classic look and feel to them. This has come to form the lifeblood of this line of watches. The fact that the watch has stuck to its original designs and has taken little to the contemporary designs has helped the brand maintain its originality and command a large number of admirers. Breguet has long been in high end watch making. Their watches are a culmination of technology and a classic style that set them apart from similar collections from other watch makers from the present times.

While a lot of people might not like the obsession of the brand with archetypal designs, these designs are what have made them the collector’s paradise. Currently functioning as a part of the Swatch group, Breguet has held on its originality. Its evolution through history can be traced with pieces like the Souscription Watch, Grand complications, Marine, Heritage etc and technology like Queen of Naples mechanism, Tourbillion regulator, Musical Chronometer… and the list goes on. The watch production spirit of the company saw a revival with the Swatch group acquiring the brand. Nicolas G Hayek devoted himself completely to innovating and adding to the radiant history of Breguet Watches.

This company has been through the thick and thin of the watch making industry. The rise and fall of the watches can be seen to progress along with the history of the watch making industry. It is quite right that history of watch making industry can be understood with the history of Breguet Watches itself. A little beyond the pockets of the average individual, Breguet Watches have made a place for themselves in the league of luxury watches. Over the years, each of their pieces has come to be awaited with equal thrill and enthusiasm.