Black Diamond Necklaces

Of the numerous types of jewelry that can be worn, those enhanced with gemstones remain the most popular. Commonly the gemstones that are set in fine jewelry are of the precious and semi precious variety. Diamonds have always been extremely popular and recently the black variety have started to show up in necklaces, bracelets, rings and ear rings..

Diamonds are available in many colors such as white, blue, pink, yellow, grey and black. A black diamond in its natural state has the same physical attributes as any other diamond. Resistance to abrasion, is the chief physical attribute of a diamond. Because they are the hardest of all minerals, a diamond scratches all others and will only be blemished by another diamond. Black diamonds are more apt to break away when cut than the white variety, but when cut it is actually harder.

This rare gem can be obtained in only a few locations around the world. They were first discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century in Brazil, but have since been discovered in Australia, Venezuela and Africa. Some are not totally black when first found but can be enhanced to attain a total blackness.

The black color of this stone comes from millions of minute and extremely concentrated graphite or hematite inclusions that soak up light and provide the gems with their almost luminous sheen. If devoid of these inclusions, they would not exhibit their deep color or brilliance. They are typically opaque, but semi-transparent and translucent stones are very valuable.

There are numerous theories about how black diamonds were originally formed. A common one is that they are the result of a meteor crashing on the planet. This and other theories have never been proven but make interesting conversation for gem enthusiasts.

Of all the diamonds, the black ones are the rarest. They are also considered to be young as they were created three and a half billion years ago as white diamonds are about four and a quarter billion years old. They were brought to the surface of the earth via volcanic eruptions.

Black diamond necklaces, rings and just about any other type of jewelry featuring this unusual gem are becoming more widely available today. Many retail stores have a big selection and shopping online should yield unlimited choices.