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Choose a Flower Girl Dress


One of the challenges of finding a flower girl dress for a wedding is that it should be unique. The bride and the child’s mother don’t want anyone in the wedding party to be wearing the same outfits as guests in the congregation. Another challenge is to find something appropriate for her age that she can wear again for another special occasion. One option is to avoid the department stores and to order the dresses from a professional designer of girls’ special occasion dresses. Look for unique accents such as embroidery, lace and ribbons. Matching accessories from designer collections may include socks, stockings, bloomers, shoes, booties, hats, bonnets, headbands, sweaters and even bibs.

High Quality

One of the challenges in finding appropriate flower girl dresses is quality. Many children’s garments are now made overseas from cheap fabric that is cut and stitched poorly. Brides and parents should seek out a professional that uses high quality fabric and makes the clothes by hand in the U.S. using strong thread and even stitches. Dress materials should include silk, satin, soft cotton or lace. The material should have no catches or buckles in it, and the stitching in seams, buttons and accents should hold together well.


When choosing flower girl dresses, it is important to remember that the little ones don’t have to wear the same colors as the grown-ups. It is customary for them to stand out. Wearing white or a contrasting color to the bridesmaids, maid and matron of honor is the latest trend in weddings. Navy blue, red, pink and olive green are among the popular colors for little girls in weddings.


Finding a suitable child’s dress for the wedding is an event in itself. When there are multiple flower girls, finding dresses that match and are age appropriate and suitable for a wedding can be challenging, especially for those who live in different parts of the country. The same dress in sizes toddler through 4T, which come with accessories, is another option. These can be ordered online through a professional designer. The parents should place their orders within a few days of each other and specify that the dresses are for the same wedding. This ensures that they can be made from the same lot of fabric and notions and will match each other.

Stiletto Tips

The first thing a woman will want to do after she buys her first pair of stilettos is to practice walking around in them at home. Don’t worry about not having those stilettos looking completely new when you are actually going to wear them outside for the first time. It is actually better to break these in and get used to wearing them than having to wobble all over the place or even worse – fall over during the actual outing. There is nothing worse than for a woman to embarrass herself from not being able to carry these sexy shoes well.

Stilettos are still just shoes, except for the fact that these can make the curves of a woman a lot more pronounced. Now because they are still in fact “shoes” breaking them in at home will also help the wearer to see if the new stilettos will cause any kind or shoe sore. So go ahead and break those stilettos in and find out if they are going to give your feet any problems later, that way you can prepare for other provisions like pads so that the stilettos will not hurt as much when you do wear them outside.

By following this tip, your first time out in those brand new stilettos should be no problem at all. You will feel a lot more comfortable and confident in walking around with them, and be the object of desire of the men you will pass by. You can also find more advanced tips and tricks that can help you get past other stiletto situations from other people. Getting advice from those who are used to wearing these sexy shoes all of the time are a sure source of advanced tips.

Urban Clothing

The Urban Clothing movement has taken off in stores, but now that the Internet has become our main shopping venue, the trend for online clothing sales has become exceedingly popular. The trend for urban clothing that stems from seeing music videos by the popular hip hop and rap artists and their back up dancers has created a following, making the demand for the clothing increasingly high. Rappers and hip hop artists such as P Diddy or Wu Tang Clan have taken this high trend in fashion and created styles of clothing lines that follow the rappers and hip hop artists’ style. Followers of this music can now emulate the great wear in the music videos, and go out to clubs to listen to the songs they love, looking stylish and on trend.

The Internet has become the shopping mall of the times, and we can find anything do to with urban clothing online on it. The most popular clothing lines will come up on any search, with ease. The popularity of these lines of clothing are made available to most anyone, at more affordable prices than most boutique stores. People who want to emulate the stars they admire can copy their clothing, by buying the clothing lines directly manufactured by the rap and hip hop artists themselves, or if the artists are partial to another brand (Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor come to mind), then their fans may also wish to copy those fashion trends. Seeing your favorite rap artist wearing a trendy, name brand pair of shoes or a t-shirt in a video often makes us want to head out and carry on that trend in our own nights out at the club.

Need to Wear a Suit Jacket

This is a simple solution for those classic suit jackets that are still in your wardrobe.

Stop worrying that your waist has expanded over the years. Wear your belt comfortable but not tight.

It is your choice whether you wear a narrow, medium or wide belt. The only way to find out which looks best on you is to experiment. Try it in privacy at home or wear the suit jacket to a store and try on different belt widths in the privacy of a change room.

The second consideration is whether to wear a matching or contrasting colour. The best coloured belts for classic suit jackets are black, brown or beige. Red belts are for extroverts.

You can also wear a narrow black belt over a patterned, frilled-neck formal jacket. This allows you to be formal while still retaining your femininity.

If you are looking for a new modern suit or a versatile modern jacket, look at a jacket that has a hook and eye closure at the waist. This keeps the formal look with a modern edge. A rounded or pointed hemline also keeps the jacket from looking dated.

An alternative to a waistline hook and eye is a jacket with a zip closure that goes from collar to waist. It can be centred or slightly off-centre. Off-centre zips look better on modern collar styles.

A third alternative is a half-revere collared jacket with an odd number of closely placed button and loop closures that come to the waist only.

All three styles create a smooth slimming colour across your upper body. They are modern because they all meet in the middle rather than having one side fold over the other.

Buttonless, draping jackets are today’s modern classic style. For occasions when a suit jacket is required, buy one in a thicker weave material. Also choose ones that create a lapel effect. The lapel can start at the neckline or from just below the collarbone.

It is your choice whether the edges meet, are slightly apart or drape down your princess line. Go for whatever looks best on you.

Choose a hem shape that flatters you – either straight or angled. A good fashion tip is that angled hems makes your hips look smaller. Keep the length to a normal suit jacket length – wrist length if you are petite or medium height; fingertip length if you are tall.

The modern suit jacket can be worn over a dress or with a knee-length skirt or tapered pants. It is always handy to have one in the wardrobe for those important invitations. Use this Baby Boomer fashion advice and know you can choose a belt, a modern closure or soft folds. Out you go now and shine confidently.

Back to Bohemia

Bohemian style is one of the oldest and simultaneously most current looks to be right at our finger tips. Dating back as far as the pre Raphaelites, it all surrounded the idea of living outside of the box, and stepping away from the norm. Daring to show skin and yet embracing its purity and childlike nature. The most wonderful thing about bohemian style dresses in particular is that they gravitate towards your character and personal styling. So, figure hugging or wispy, neutral or popping with colour, we do not doubt there’s a dress on the market that will make your knees weak and your heart melt!

The introduction of festival chic into the spotlight was a taster into the life of Bohemia. Dreamy lace shawls, dashes of faded floral and chiffon sweeter than sugar, only few could not be tempted. When Kate Moss and Sienna Miller travelled back and forth between the summer festivals in the United Kingdom and America, it was hard not to notice how all-round, flexible and downright adorable festival chic could be. The most breathtaking part of this wistful, on point fashion trend has to be its ability to transform every woman into a walking, talking fashion chameleon, balancing style and design with ease and comfort.

Regardless of fashion trend or style, one of the most important parts of every woman’s dress ‘must have’ is how easily it can transition from day and night. Luckily for you beautiful ladies, bohemian dresses are just the thing. Paired with a wide brim fedora and ray bans for the daytime and a homemade floral crown and platforms sandals for the evening, not only can you rock a sweet dress and be the hot gossip amongst your friends, one dress means more shoes!

Though traditionally suited to the care free, gamine girls of society, sculpted into their daily routine, the essence of Bohemia has slowly grafted into the lives of the elite. Lace vests are being paired with the traditional trouser suit, whilst elf like earrings are now a common scene at the office. Bohemia doesn’t care where you work or where you come from; it just wants to be adored!

Little Red Dress

Choose a Medium Shade

The first secret is to buy a dress or top in a medium shade with a matt finish. This is a material which feels flat and smooth to the touch. A shade that is lighter or darker and a material that has sheen or sparkle will not be as versatile. You need a shade and a flat texture that creates a good base for other colours and textures to shine.

Gentle Red

When you pair red with neutrals accessories like mid-brown, mid-grey, cream or nude, you soften the red. An example of this would be a red dress with a mid-brown belt and brown or nude-coloured shoes. An alternative is to wear a red dress with nude shoes and a necklace in shades of light and dark brown. These colour combinations show your inner self-confidence without screaming power red.

Dramatic Red

Wearing red with black, white or a multi-patterned black and white heightens the contrast to a more dramatic level. You can do with a red dress, black shoes and a patterned black and white scarf, necklace or belt. A red top or jumper worn over black pants with red patent shoes and a black and white scarf or necklace will look just as dramatic.

Add a Pattern

Patterns can soften or heighten the contrast and effect of a red dress or top. These can be either in a scarf, bet or shoes. Wearing subtle patterns gives the impression of elegance whereas a brighter animal print or black and white shoes would heighten the contrast to a more dramatic level.

Go Monochromatic

Other options are to wear either lighter or darker shades of red accessories to create a pleasing monochromatic colour scheme. Pale pink can look lovely with red and gives a light and dark contrast which is pleasing to the eye.

Coloured Jeans

Coloured jeans are on the websites but I rarely see women wearing them. This applies to the young as well. On our recent holiday in the USA, I could count on one hand the number of women I saw who were wearing them. There are lots of favourable buyer reviews on the fashion websites: so I cannot say that retailers are pushing a dead product.

If you want to consider wearing coloured jeans, here is my style advice for Baby Boomer women to help you wear them in flattering ways.

The first three challenges of coloured jeans are your personality, your shape and your colour knowledge.

Extrovert personalities are happy in bright, look-at-me colours like fuchsia, bright purple and green. Introvert personalities run a mile from the bright colours but may consider the dark earth red, garnet and deep grape colours.

The second challenge is how you feel about your body shape. Coloured jeans, jeggings and today’s leggings tend to be slim-shaped. The last thing most women want is to highlight their lower body shape in bright-coloured jeans.

I believe that the biggest challenge is the universal question – What will I wear with it? As girls and women we are not taught how to mix and coordinate colours. Websites like Suzanne Grae, Diana Ferrrari & Chicos show you at the most, only one top with their coloured jeans. One choice is not enough to help you feel confident wearing them.

Solid black, white or grey tops seem to be the default options on all the fashion websites and catalogues. When you wear light and dark colours together, you are using the Power of Contrast which always looks good. Remember that it is always the lightest or brightest colour that draws and keeps our attention. A black top over bright blue jeans draws your eyes to the jeans. If you want to wear a black top, add a scarf or large necklace that includes a brighter or lighter shade of the jeans colour. The attention now comes to your upper not lower body.

Another way to keep the attention on your upper body is to wear a white top with cool-coloured jeans like clear red, green and royal blue or a cream or beige top over warm-coloured jeans like earth red, garnet and red-purple. Upper body attention is guaranteed when you add a coordinating scarf or large necklace.

Accessories tone down the severity of a black top and lift the classic look of a white or cream top.

Stripes and spots work exceptionally well with coloured jeans. Use the following style tip to look great. Whether your stripes are vertical or horizontal, choose a pattern with irregular-width stripes. This is where you have a combination of thin and thicker stripes. Add a scarf in the same colours in a check pattern to reinforce the other person’s focus on your upper body.

Tops, blouses or t-shirts that include the jeans colour in the pattern or as a decoration on a plain background are another way to wear coloured jeans with style. Make sure that the jeans colour is only a small proportion of the pattern or decoration. You do not want to look too colour matched. That went out of fashion years and years ago.

I am really surprised that coloured jeans are still around. In my view they will never become a must-have item because there are too many emotional and practical hurdles for women to overcome. Advances in slimming clothing technology still cannot persuade you if your body self-esteem is an issue. The darker colours may stay around another year or more as they are easier to mix with your existing clothes.

If you want to wear coloured jeans, learn from an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist or by studying examples on websites and in magazines of how to take the emphasis to the top half of your body. Then stand tall and wear them often over the next year. Otherwise, forget them and move on with a smile. The final eulogy for coloured jeans is coming.

Dress Up in Jeans

Once you figure out the shape of your body, it will be easier for you to dress it. It is rather disturbing to see someone putting on some clothes that instead of complementing the body, make the person look stuffed up. For a smart look, know your body.

Putting on loose and baggy jeans may work for some people, but they do not look good with most people. Before you purchase a pair of jeans trousers, be sure to test it and see if it fits. The more fitting it is, the more comfortable you will be and the better you will look.

Having a huge collection of jeans in one color does not bring out the fun in owning them. Mix up colors according to your favorites. Black womens jeans are common and almost everyone has one. They also make you appear slightly slimmer. Get some other colors to make your closet look attractive.

Sometimes, you have all this many clothes but when you put them on, you seem like you are a disaster to the fashion industry. It you are putting on fitting jeans, look for top that is a bit loose and vice versa. This compliments your look and balances with your outfit further complimenting your body.

Sometimes you may think that you look good in what you are wearing only to realize later in the day that you weren’t all that smart. Get opinions from a trusted friend who will make sure that you look smart. When buying clothes, have a friend with you who will help you decide what fits you well.

You may look very good in the clothes you wear, but if your shoes do not compliment you, you end up losing the smart look. Get the perfect shoes for the different types of jeans you have.

Compare Diamond Prices

There are four major factors that contribute to the pricing of a diamond – its cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut of a diamond refers not only to its shape, but how properly it was cut and polished. There are different shapes available like round, square, marquise, oval and so on. A well cut precious stone will be priced accordingly and if you see such stone, you will definitely fall in love with it.

In addition, the color of the diamond varies and there are different grades. The grades are from D to Z, where D refers to an entirely colorless piece which is very uncommon but most valuable. The Z color grade represents an unappealing dark yellow piece that is very cheap but unattractive.

Moreover, clarity of a diamond reveals the quantity of flaws it is having. The flaws could be scratches, cracks as well as clouds and the fewer the flaws, the more costly it will be. As a result of this, stones with many flaws will be cheaper than ones with fewer flaws.

Also, the size of a diamond is measured in carat but it is important to note if a piece has a bigger carat does not necessarily mean that it is better. A 2 carat piece of low quality can be cheaper than a piece of 1 carat which is of high quality. Hence, emphasis must be placed on quality in order to choose right.

However, it is advisable to seek for expert advice when comparing diamond prices because you may not be able to handle it properly on your own. A professional will be able to provide the required information on all the factors that contribute to the prices of diamonds and their actual prices. You should look out for a professional that is not biased so that you will not be misled in making a wrong decision. It is important to note that diamonds are precious but care must be taken not to purchase fake products. Consequently, it is advisable to buy from a reputable vendor because that is the only way to ensure that your money do not go down the drain.

Vintage Denim Jeans

Jeans were first designed for men but women have been wearing them for almost just as long. From the North American plains where ranching families and towns-folk alike wore these durable and comfortable trousers for everything other than church and formal occasions, jeans were worn in urban towns and cities too as their qualities suited casual wear as well as work-wear. The brands built their empires on this original farming heritage and advertising campaigns always contained strong references to the life outdoors, depicting cowboys herding their cattle and horses or adventurers living under the stars. The women of the families to wore denim garments, either jeans or dungarees, for the same reasons. Surprisingly this image has stayed with us and has become part of the denim jean heritage.

Although the origin of the original denim jeans goes way back, it is the last fifty or sixty years that have seen them reach peak popularity and generate millions of dollars worth of sales for the brand owners. Even today new brands are jumping on the denim bandwagon, so the momentum looks safe for another fifty years to come. Almost every element of popular culture and every fashion trend have seen some inclusion of denim jeans. Leisure activities such as skateboarding, BMX riding, and surfing all feature jeans and images of musical eras such as “rock and roll”, punk and grunge all included stars wearing jeans.

While many will reminisce about the colour and exuberant style of fashion in the fifties and sixties, there were also sections of the female market that wanted something more casual, more comfortable and less attention-grabbing. Jeans wear the perfect solution and on the right figure they were quite flattering too. They were easy to care for and easy to adjust, making a perfect fit possible. In the seventies drainpipe jeans became popular too and the mainstream manufacturers expanded their ranges to take advantage of the increased demand.