Lace Dresses

  • Lace Wedding Dress
    The lace wedding dress has never fallen out of fashion; styles can be traditional, vintage or sexy and short. Lace has been used for wedding dresses featuring all over lace styles or lace accents on veils and trains; it is a timeless fabric for bridal styles, who wouldn’t like lace wedding gowns?
  • Lace Mini Dress
    The lace mini dress is currently trending very highly and is super feminine for any special occasion. For the super daring fashionista they can be see through or have a colored panel underneath. Some have lace sleeves and are useful for those who wish to cover their arms. Current trends are nude or pale in color and as such can be worn with a cardigan or blazer for day wear or dressed up with heels for a beautifully feminine night time option.
  • Backless Lace Dress
    The lace dress can have you looking smoking hot and there are many backless styles now either featuring fully backless options with plunging, nape of the back showing styles to smaller cut outs to show a minimal amount of skin. These backless lace dresses can be difficult to wear however if you want to wear a bra underneath,many recommend not wearing one at all underneath a backless dress. If you prefer to wear a bra then maybe go for a cut out option rather than a fully backless one.

The lace dress is softer to touch and easier to wear. It is the most afford-ably priced and beautifully feminine. If you prefer to avoid all over lace then we would suggest you choose a lace accented dress. Lace can be a wonderful accent to any outfit creating texture and additional pattern to an otherwise boring outf

Swirsky Crystal Necklaces

If you fail in properly maintaining your jewelry piece, over time, you will find that the natural beauty and appealing luster will diminish.

If you are lucky enough to have this type of piece in your jewelry collection, I am certain that you would not want to experience this. This is why, in this guide, you will learn how to properly care for Swirsky crystal necklaces.

The first step for caring for your Swirsky crystal jewelry is to ensure that you limit exposure to certain elements and substances. Many people are not aware of the fact that everyday types of products such as lotions, and cosmetics may affect the necklace that is composed of this type of crystal.

You should ensure that you wait until all cosmetics and lotions are applied prior to putting this jewelry piece on. You should also make certain that the cosmetics and lotions are completely dry prior to putting the necklace on. This will help to reduce the amount of residue that gets on the necklace.

If you find that the necklace has already been tarnished by certain residues of substances that you use on a day to day basis, you will need to locate a mild cleansing agent that can remove the residue without scratching the surface of the sensitive crystal. One of the best products that I have found for this task is baby wipes.

There are also many different types of cleansers that are specifically designed to clean crystal. Considering the expense of Swirsky crystal necklaces, it is really important to ensure that you use something on a regular basis to maintain the jewelry and ensure that it keeps the natural beauty and shine that it had when you purchased it.

Wearing a Mid Heel Shoe

Your choice of foot wear should reflect your personality but be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. After all, by wearing really high heeled shoes you might be sacrificing posture which in turn can create back problems and other health issues. Do you really want to sacrifice health for the sake of being in vogue? The steep angle at which the ultra-high heels force women to walk causes the knee to be thrust forward and walking can be very awkward and unattractive. Wearing heels that are too tall may be causing you to be ridiculed behind your back rather than being admired.

Be honest, you seldom see a woman wearing very tall high heel shoes walking comfortably. A nice mid heel fashionable shoe will work wonders for most women by allowing for better posture, a greater ease of walking and yet add to the look of greater height that many shorter ladies are trying to achieve. Shorter ladies especially can look disproportionate if wearing tall fashion shoes that add to the appearance of clumsiness while walking. If you are of short stature, consider a low heel. This will allow you the additional height you are looking for as well as better posturing. It is more comfortable for walking and is much more attractive than trying to clumsily navigate in footwear that is too tall.

There is a wide selection of ladies fashion shoes available in online shoe stores. You can check out up to date fashionable selections where you can make your online purchase of shoes and accessories. From the comfort of your home, you can view, shop and make your selection and have it delivered directly to your home. You don’t want to look like a victim to the world of fashion. You want to be chic and trending. Thus the mid heel shoe can help you to achieve that look as well as being comfortable wearing those shoes. You will be making a fashion statement that people will notice.

Army Boots

The army boots are produced in a variety of brands. They normally have special brand names and numbers. They are made of pure ballistic nylon and cowhide leather materials. They come with durable soles and other unique features. They are usually known to be very light and less bulky. They are also produced according to the latest standard approved in the army. In most cases, they are approved for use in the US army. In other nations, such footwear products are also approved for the military men and women.

The army boots showcase in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. They are usually customized to suit the particular image of a given military group. They normally match the color pattern of the military group involved. Some of them are only produced for military men while others are equally produced for the ladies serving in the force. Each military man or woman is expected to pick the best pair of boots that will suit his or her size.

In the army, the boots serve a variety of purposes. In the first place, soldiers can wear them while carrying out their duties at the war front. The shoes can also be used during special desert expeditions and adventures. Soldiers going on peace missions are expected to put on the footwear. They are also required to wear the shoes during special assignments and operations.

Meanwhile, the army boots showcase in a variety of kinds. There are the waterproof types meant to be worn on wet surfaces. Such types can be used during special operations within the rainy season. There are also the types meant for all weather conditions. They can be worn during hot or wet weather conditions. There are also the types meant specifically for rocky terrains. Hence, military officials are expected to have several kinds of footwear as part of their regular attires.

Keep Leather Clothing in Good Condition

  • Proper storage. Be careful about where you store your leather clothing. Leather should never be stored in extreme hot or cold temperatures, or in locations that are overly dry or humid. These extremes are harmful to the leather and likely will lead to some significant wear and tear.
  • Regular cleaning and conditioning. Cleaning your leather jacket takes only a few minutes, and really makes a big difference in its appearance. There are a variety of methods you can use for your cleaning, from professional cleaning to hand washing with a damp cloth or with warm, soapy water. Using a leather conditioner every six to nine months helps to replace the tanning oils on the clothing and prevent stiffness, dryness and cracking.
  • Regular stain removal. Leather pants and suits are just as susceptible to staining as other types of clothing. If you get any type of foreign material on your leather clothing, it should come out easily with soap and water.
  • Regular de-odorizing. Leather holds on to odors longer than many other types of materials, and the longer you own your leather clothing the more odors it is likely to pick up. There are a variety of ways that you can remove or mask this odor. Febreeze is a simple way to mask the odor by spraying the lining. Baking soda can also be used in several different ways to help to de-odorize the leather. Finally, vinegar and water mixtures or pure vinegar sponged on to the clothing also work to remove unwanted odors.
  • Careful use. Think of your leather clothing like skin – if you wouldn’t want something to come in contact with your own skin, you probably wouldn’t want it on your leather clothing, either. Leather is extremely durable, but it’s still important to be a little extra careful when wearing it to make sure that you can preserve it for years to come.

Choose the Right Performance Clothing

When it comes to selecting running clothing like running tops and shorts, the first and foremost thing you should consider is the ultimate comfort for optimal performance. Long sleeve tops are a perfect attire for runners, as they allow additional protection to the shoulders and upper arms against the sunburn. If you want to wear a running singlet, consider arm cooler sleeves as your shoulders are exposed to the sun. Long sleeve tops provide added warmth during cool season while providing protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

Consider lightweight, quality fabric, made of polyester and cotton blend with moisture wicking ability to keep you dry and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Short inseam shorts go well for racing while long inseam running shorts is a good choice for gym. You can also select running shorts with pockets to keep your iPod or MP3 player or any other essentials. Select comfortable and firm underwear that is not too tight or choking. Protect your head from extreme UV rays with comfortable hats, visors and sports caps.

Skiing is the most popular and enjoyable activity of the winter season. If you want to look smart and perform well, it’s important to select skiing apparel that is functional and provides comfort as well. The basic ski items include comfy ski jackets, trousers, gloves, goggles and sunglasses. Ski jackets are available in a variety of chic styles and colors but selecting the right jacket makes your skiing experience outstanding.

Consider jackets with quality fabric having wind and water resistant ability to provide protection in snowy conditions. The fabric blend of polyester and nylon provides breathability. Make sure the ski jacket fits well to keep you warm and protected. Go for the one having internal zipper pockets to give you extra protection from wind and water. Waist pockets keep your hands warm, provide extra storage space and a removable hood provides head protection.

Levi’s Denim Jackets

Several manufacturers lay claim to being the original jeans manufacturer, although Levi Strauss and Co., which can trace its origins back to the middle of the nineteenth century, has to have one of the strongest. The facts that we now know the company simply as Levi’s and that the company logo is one of the most recognisable in the world certainly drive home their credentials as the “authentic” jean.

The company has managed to achieve something that’s practically impossible in fashion: staying cool for decades. Being at the higher end of the field in terms of price certainly helps, as flaunted wealth always has fashion cachet, but they’ve managed to steer a steady course even when the Ralph Laurens and Versaces of the world started making jeans and denim jackets that trumped them on the price front. Perhaps therein lies the secret of success – keeping the everyman feel but not taking everyman for granted and producing clothing that might be on the verge of luxury but which is guaranteed to be durable, stylish and well fitting.

Another interesting aspect of the Levi’s denim jacket is how little it has changed over the years. While its lower-half counterparts have wandered through the fashion landscape, being flared, skinny, boot-cut, blue, black, brown and white, the jacket’s resolute and stubborn shape has remained largely unchanged. Any variations from the norm have been mere tweaks. We’ve seen woolly fleece inners (with their distinctive fleecy collars), occasional retreats from blue into black, charcoal, natural cotton, and yes, stone-washed and snow-washed examples which seem eternally on the cusp of coming back into fashion.

But throughout all of these modifications, there they are: the two breast pockets, two side pockets, metal buttons and peculiar girth adjusters at the back that defy purpose but add authenticity.

While never fully disappearing, the Levi’s denim jacket has certainly had its highs. The 1950s, when denim was everywhere, put the DJ on the fashion map, and by the 60s no self-respecting hippy would be seen without one, especially when they had eschewed the leather jacket for veggi wear and the summer sun prevented them from wearing the Afghan coat. They came back with a vengeance in the mid 80s thanks to some super cool TV ads and adoption by the indie music scene, and in the mid to late 90s, the Oasis vs Blur battle was also a denim jacket vs tracky top battle.

Make Handmade Jewelry

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the beads. You can easily find many kinds of beads from a bead store or craft store. The beads are commonly available in precious glass, metals, plastic, gems, and wood. If you want to make your own beads, you can use paper or clay.

The second thing that you have to do is to make your design for the necklace you want to make on the piece of paper. You need to make sure that the design is simple enough to be made.

The third thing is to cut the bead wire. You are going to cut it about 5 inches longer than you require the actual necklace to be. If you want to make short necklace, you will need approximately 20 inches wire.

The fourth thing that you need to do in making handmade jewelry is to attach one end of the clasp to the bead wire. It is required to slide the crimp bead and a clasp piece onto the wire. After that, you have to slide the end of the necklace wire back through the crimp bead. You can use the crimping tool for flattening the crimp bead so that it can stay in the place.

The next thing is to slide the beads onto what it is called soft-flex wire. This wire is solid enough to allow you in beading the necklace without using a needle.

Finally, you have to attach the final clasp to your necklace. You are going to have one left clasp to add your necklace. You need to slide the crimp wire once again onto your necklace, and then onto the clasp piece. Moreover, you need to pull back the end of the wire through the crimp bead, and then pull the wire until your necklace is snug. You have to make sure that there is no space between the beads. For the final step, you need to crimp the bead by using the pliers, and the excess wire should be trimmed.