Month: October 2019

Ways To Uncover Hidden Style

Pick out a week of outfits in advance. And group them together in your closet

When you wait ’til the morning to pick out your clothes, the tendency is to grab the same old thing.

But what about that colorful blouse hiding in the back of your closet, or gorgeous belt in the bottom of your drawer that you just had to have? Well, ladies. Now is your chance to actually wear them!

And don’t forget to pull out your accessories, too! Scarves loosely tied around your neck, or as a hair tie, some bangles stacked for a little sparkle, or those pumps or sandals with a pop of color to accent a neutral outfit.

Try to add one forgotten accessory or piece of clothing per day. You’ll be amazed how many great items you already have.

Get fitted for new bras

When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? Most of you never have, and the rest of you aren’t the same size you used to be.

I was 30 before I new my proper bra size. I thought I was 36b, but, it turned out I was 34C! Just recently I discovered I’m now 34D. That’s what happens when you gain a few pounds – your size changes – and not just your dress size!

So, do your girls a favor and show “lift and separate” some respect. Skip Victoria’s Secret, and go old school. There are specialty bra shops in just about every mall these days, and Nordstrom lingerie department is perhaps THE best at sizing us gals.

Making the most of your shape sets the stage for wearing your clothes, instead of your clothes wearing you.

And while you’re at it, stand up straight and put your shoulder’s back. You’ll feel like a new woman!

Look Stylish in Glasses

Here are some tips to take this seemingly “nerdy” accessory and make it yet another way to tell your signature style story:

  • Color. There are so many varieties of colors and styles today that you would be crazy not to venture away from basic black. You can go metallic with a silver or gold frame. You can go classic chic with a gray or brown. However, the way to really make the best of you eyeglasses is to get them in a color that will really make your eyes pop. For example, if you have hazel eyes, some purple frames will really make the green in your eyes stand out. If you are unsure of which colors will make your eyes stand out, take a hint from eye shadow palettes. They design eye shadow palettes around eye color and if you follow that guidance your eyes will surely sparkle through your lenses.
  • Pattern. Yes, they make leopard print eyeglass frames and almost anything you can image. Go browse some eyeglass stores online and offline to get a sense of the variety out there. A classic pattern for glasses is tortoise shell. There is nothing wring with that option, but you should attempt to up the style quotient by at least getting the tortoise shell frames in an unusual shape.
  • Shape. The shape of eyeglasses is a whole study all by itself. Depending on your face shape, there are eyeglass shapes that will look better on your face. You don’t want to purchase a pair of glasses that makes your face look fatter. Five minutes of internet research can help you determine your face shape. Are you an oval, heart, diamond, square, round, or triangle? An additional 5 minutes of online research will help you determine which pair of frames best match your face shape.
  • Eyeglass accessories. The eyeglass accessory is the eyeglass case. This often overlooked item is important because you also want to look chic when you are pulling your glasses out of your purse. You can have it in a bright neon color or emblazoned with a designer’s logo or go diva with one covered in Swarovski crystals. You might be thinking, “Who cares about my eyeglass case? I’m a busy mom and my child’s sandwich keeper works just fine as an eyeglass case.” That is a big no-no. It is ingenious in that it will keep your eyeglasses from getting smashed and soggy, but it is not chic. Splurge a little and get an eyeglass case that will make you smile every time you pull it out and watch all the compliments you start collecting as a result of your unique eyeglass case.


Ways to Update an Outfit

Accessorize your look

Accessories are always here to help you. They can easily change, for example, the T-shirt you have to another look. Accessories also may change your style. So, with one and the same jacket you may look both very flattering and girly and when changing the accessories you may get very classic outfit.

Renovate your jeans

Surly, if you look into your wardrobe right now you will find at least a pair of jeans that you don’t wear any longer. So, be creative, make them worn-out, cut the way you want and make them stylish and renewed. Combine them with loose T-shirts and a pair of nice ballerinas and get a very sunny look!

Add studs, glitters and sparkles

This year, you don’t have to be careful with your ideas, as the new season trends make you daring and confident. If you like sparkles, then add them to some of your shirts or bags. You can make your outfits trendy as well. For example, add studs to your blouse’s shoulders and create an army look, which is super trendy this year!

Nail design changes

During the fashion shows, we see that nail art is increasingly becoming more and more attractive. Nails may show your taste, character and degree of confidence. So, instead of changing your entire wardrobe, you may choose one of the trendy nail art designs and create them. A small accent will also make you chic and modish!

Saving your money

If you want to save some money, you can pick the most beloved things from your wardrobe and whatever you buy combine them with it. This will save up your money and you will have clothes that will be easily paired together. A pair of shoes, one accessory, a belt or a scarf may make your look more complete and stylish.

Black Smudges

What is the main reason for the black smudges? Ok, it is gold then why does black get on you clothes? This used to be one of the great mysteries of jewelry but now the most likely reason is make-up. That means make-up like ladies wear. Make-up is ground into very fine particles and seems smooth. With a really close look with magnification, make-up has very fine particles in it. These particles act just like sandpaper on the gold!

Since the sanding action is so very fine, the particles of gold that rub off are too small to show the gold color to the eye and simply look black, like a smudge. I believe this is about 90% of the problem ladies have with gold showing smudges on skin or clothing. Seems strange but this is true!

Other reasons for the black smudges. Is, if you don’t wear make-up that could be getting on the necklace, there are some possible other reasons. The problem with these are elusive and hard to track down to one reason or the other for the smudges. If you have worn gold like this before and had no problems, it becomes sort of a detective case. Ask yourself if make-up brand has changed. Ask if any meds might have changed. Ask if you are using a hot tub or swimming in the new necklace.

We have already talked about make-up. The meds is mentioned simply because in some cases, changes in medicines can affect the body chemistry and the chemicals the necklace will contact on your skin. This can sometimes lead to smudges from a chemical reaction to the jewelry metal.

Hot tubs and pools contain chlorine and that is not only damaging to jewelry but can cause a tarnish that will then become smudges on clothing. The tarnish parts are so fine you might not notice on the necklace and general cleaning does not remove that from inside the necklace links; so, smudges can come from tarnish on the gold and get on your skin or clothing.

Salt air will also cause smudges. The chemicals in the air react with body salts and oils and stuff in the air to cause a tarnish on the gold. This tarnish will sometimes be rubbed off onto clothing as the necklace moves along the cloth.

That about covers the black smudge causes. Sometimes it is truly a mystery and I have seen it happen with 10k, 14k, 18k jewelry. My suggestion first of all is to think about what I have said and see if any changes in make-up or meds or living conditions have happened since the necklace was purchased.

If you have other 10k necklaces, do you get any smudge from them? If not, then it is some component in the new necklace causing the problem. Different manufactures use different mixes of metals to make 10k gold for jewelry. Some will work for almost everyone but once in a while a person will find smudge problems with no apparent reason.

Like I said before, I would have to believe the necklace is the gold the seller says it is. The smudges happen with all kinds of karat gold jewelry, depending on the person wearing the gold and the environment. There is no simple cure unless you get a clue from your life and my suggestions of causes.

I would suspect that then necklace is not gold or since it is stamped 10k it is a low karat gold, only 37.5% gold and the rest is what may be causing the black color. Do you get any blacj on your skin? Usually if you take the piece back to the retailer they will refund your money or give you credit for another purchase.

It is probably the alloys used for the mix in the 10k are not stable or badly alloyed and is causing the black color. The best thing to do is to take it back. Try to go up to at least 14k. If the same thing happends with the 14k then it might be that it is the makup that you are using or it is something totall different. Either way you look at it there is something wrong with the alloy or it is the makeup that you use.

Select Mens Formal Wear

Events that demand fashionable formal wear also include properly teamed formal shoes for men along with ties, belts, and watches. So, now it is time to get everything perfectly matched and teamed up with the best suited formal wear for those ceremonial moments following the selection of tips given here:

  • Formal Shirts: While selecting a formal shirt, go for colours that are subtle and soft. Do not buy formal shirts that have bold prints. Stripes can be a good choice. If you do not buy a blazer, consider the luxury scarfs that make the look elegant. Having a white shirt in the wardrobe is a wise decision as you can team it up with any other coloured accessories. Fashion accessories like cufflinks or neckties goes well with formal shirts, thus you can keep some of these in stock.
  • Formal Suits: The suits should be compulsorily well fitted, well ironed and of a decent quality fabric. The best suit colours for formal occasions are grey, black, brown, navy blue, and beige. Timeless and trendy, suits of these colours can be worn at any occasion. If you have a stout, well maintained figure, get the breasted suit as it can make you look slim and sophisticated.
  • Formal Shoes: The market is loaded with stores selling impeccable range of formal shoes for men. Firstly, look for a company that vows on durability and quality. Leather shoes are the best option with colours like black or brown. They should be well fitted and comfortable while walking. Excessively stylish formal shoes are not in trend. It is always better to select from the decent yet smart designs. Moderately shining shoes are best for formal occasions; excessive lustre gives a cheap impression. Team up your shoes with a proper pair of socks of single colour and minimal design.

You can come across trendy stores and showrooms selling big brands of formal wear for men. Not all brands are good. Make sure to go for a trustworthy brand. Especially, formal shoes for men are sold in almost all footwear stores, but it is your wisdom to choose the correct brand. A good and reliable brand assures you of durability, fine fabric/leather, colour fast guarantee and proper adhesive usage in formal shoes for men.

Market and online stores have vast assortment of formal suits, shirts, ties and formal shoes for men. Tasteful and wise choice is all what is needed for a good wardrobe collection. A well-dressed corporate man can create a perfect impression on his onlookers and the entire get-up can actually speak loads about his personality and character. A man with proper dressing sense also shows great confidence, self-esteem and manages to stand out of the crowd.

Tactical Research Boots

Actually, tactical research is part of numerous assignments that can be carried out by the air force, navy, army and other military organizations. It’s usually carried out as part of modern day warfare operations. It involves several difficult tasks, projects and network operations. In most cases, the military officials have to spend several months or years in the desserts and other similar grounds while carrying out the research. They are expected to be in their usual attire. They have to put on quality shoes that will protect their feet on daily basis. In most cases, special kinds of footwear products are usually recommended for the research and expeditions. The tactical research boots are usually approved for such operations. This is because of their excellent features.

Basically, the boots are known to be very durable. They are usually made of tan leather and special nylon materials. Some of them are also made of quality cowhide leather material. Furthermore, the shoes come with unique soles, lashes, zippers, locks and other protective features. They are meant to give maximum comfort and protection to the users.

Meanwhile, the footwear products are always resistant to abrasion. They also resist excess heat and cold. They can be used during hot weather conditions. They can also be used during winter and summer periods. They can be used on rocky deserts and terrains. They don’t get damaged easily since they are made of quality materials. They are also very easy to maintain. They don’t constitute health hazards. They are always eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, the solid nature of the boots is highly commendable. They can last for many years. They can be recycled or given away. They can also be re-sold after several years of usage.

The footwear products are available for purchase online. They showcase in a variety of brands with specific brand names and numbers. There are several dealers that distribute them. However, it’s important to locate a reliable dealer when searching for the best products. One can always make proper inquiries when looking for them online.

Styles of Jumpsuits

There are women’s jumpsuits that have long sleeves, and they snap up the front. These items cover the female form from neck to ankle and they generally fit close to the body. These items can be very flattering to a ladies figure, but they are also unforgiving and show every extra pound and flaw that you have. Their tendency to be unforgiving is why most people avoid wearing the garments.

In the 1970s the jumpsuit was a very popular clothing choice for women of all ages. Younger ladies in their twenties wore the items open to a daring point to show their cleavage, and older ladies wore their items closed completely. The items were made in many different colors, and different accessories were placed on them to make them more attractive. A lot of beads and things of that nature were used to create decorative patterns on the items.

The short women’s jumpsuits were often called jumpers or rompers. One set of these items is fashioned with a tube top and an elastic waist with short shorts below. The items seem to almost always be made of terry cloth materials. They make excellent outfits for just after the bath and they are great items to wear over a swim suit when you are going to the beach. They were marketed for a short time as sleepwear for ladies but they are not as comfortable to sleep in and the true style tops tend to roll down during the night leaving the breast exposed.

A popular version of this type of garment in the 80s was one that had the legs of the outfit balloon out. The top fit perfectly close to the body of the wearer and the bottoms fit in the rear, but the legs had extra material to them. At the ankle the items had elastic to gather all of the extra material up and create a billowing effect of the excess material from the ankles to the thighs. These were more popular among younger women and girls. Almost no one over the age of twenty five had one of these garments in this style.

Maxi Dress For Any Occasion

  • A jacket or shrug can quickly turn your maxi dress from a casual everyday outfit to something to be worn on the town. Depending on the jacket and accessories you couple with it, it can made to look semi-formal or more casual to fit any occasion.
  • Shoes help to make the outfit. Pair it with heels to dress it up or a great pair of sandals for a casual gathering with friends.Worn with boots suddenly your maxi dress has gone country, and pumps can create a vintage style for everyday occasions or dressy events.
  • One accessory that can be used to dramatically change the look of the maxi dress is a belt. You can use a belt to create a defined waistline. A belt can be used when the maxi is folded or rolled to make it shorter. Or a belt can be simply used as an accessory to add a pop of color or style.
  • Maxi dresses are typically ankle length, but can be styled in many ways to make it shorter or create a varied hemline. One of the most common ways to shorten it is to roll or fold it at the waste. Another option is to use safety pins to create an even length or to create a ruffled or curved hemline. Standard maxi skirt can be turned into sexy style by using them at bust height and rolling up the length to create a shorter skirt, or couple with pins to create a dramatic look. Using pins or scarves you can turn your maxi dress or skirt into a halter dress or one shoulder dress. The pins allow you to create new styles simply by the way that you push and pull the material.
  • Paired with a shirt your maxi shirt or dress will look dramatically different. With a simple shirt on top you’ll create a very casual outfit that can be worn for work or play. Add a lace top and suddenly you have created a dramatic dressy outfit for date night.
  • Add a scarf as an accessory the same you would a belt, around the neckline, or as a halter over the bust line. A scarf can add that little bit of drama to quickly dress up your maxi dress as well as be used to change the style and fit.

Your maxi dress can be the perfect outfit for that casual trip to the beach, wearing to work with a cute pair of sandals, or dressed up with a jacket and heels for date night. With the right accessories, your maxi dress can take you from work to play every day.

Wedding Jacket


If you want elegance (who doesn’t) as an added touch to your wedding then a jacket is almost essential. It brings a timeless and classic touch to your wedding gown reminiscent of the old black and white Hollywood movies.

Wedding Shawl Wrap

Unexpected weather changes can easily upset your wedding plans and when you planned for a warm sunny day you can end up with a cold cloudy one instead. At this point that wedding shawl that you had made to compliment your dress for just this occasion will come in handy.

It should not be an after thought either as it will probably look like an after thought on your wedding dress. Ensure that you have it made or purchase it at the same time as your dress so that it will be the perfect bridal accessory and will compliment your dress perfectly.

The Bolero

The Bolero is THE classic bridal jacket and will give you some shoulder, and neck covering without being obvious, heavy or bulky. It has remained stylish and the perfect compliment if you need some covering without going over the top.

The Wedding Cape

A good bridal jacket option if it is cold is the wedding cape. Generally it will bind around your neck and flow behind you. This will serve the purpose of both adding a classic touch to your bridal gown and also keeping your warm if the weather is chilly.

Evolution of Baby Girl Clothing

It can be said, without much contention or debate, that the variety of baby boy clothes available is far less than those for girls. In case of boys the choices are limited to fundamental t-shirts and bottoms. When it comes to baby girl clothing, however, there is no dearth of variety and diversity in the kind of clothes the girls can adorn themselves with. This has a lot to do with the willingness of parents to experiment when it comes to choosing dresses for baby girls. Shopping for girl clothing is, thus, an enjoyable and exciting activity for parents because of the sheer number of options available to them. Many baby clothes designers believe that no matter how old a girl gets, she can always indulge herself in a wide range of dressing styles. Everyday innovations and experimentations in the designs for baby girl clothing serve as an adequate testimony to this claim.

Frocks and Jumpers

Dresses for girls, generally frocks or jumpers, are made using a variety of fabrics and materials; for instance, clothes made out of cotton and polyester can be put on regularly whereas those fashioned from net, velvet etc., can be donned during festive occasions and parties.

Frocks and jumpers are designed to look glamorous by work of pleating, ruffling, smocking and other stitching patterns. Such techniques enable one frock to look completely different from the other. Besides, there are surplus choices when it comes to color.

Frocks and jumpers are designed for the baby girl to look pretty and confident while also insuring comfort and relaxation.


Unlike dresses, sets are in the form of pair – a top for upper body and a skirt, knickers, trousers or jeans for the lower body. These clothing are mixed and matched to make the baby girl look cute and chirpy. The color contrast enlivens the spirit of girls and makes them shun away all the shyness.

The tops of the sets are generally embellished with flowers and bows to enhance the appeal of the set. Horizontal and vertical stripes, polka dots, halter necks, capped sleeves and several other designs can be easily sought when shopping online or offline for baby girl clothes.