Reasons Men Wear Silver Feather Necklaces

Lasting and hue

Usually, every accessory is made of sterling silver, and it is quite sturdy and durable enough to be worn daily. Sterling silver necklace is one of the items that last for a long time. The necklace adds style and persona to their style. Hue is another factor as to why men prefer silver necklaces. The color that silver imparts is gray, and it is a great neutral shade that matches well with anything that is worn. Silver necklets are great accompaniments with a silver wedding band and watch made of stainless steel. They can be worn with anything irrespective of what color shirt you are wearing.


Men prefer silver necklace usually made up of sterling silver as this silver is not pure and is mixed with alloys to give it durability. Thus, these necklaces are a great value for the money you pay. The alloys are combined in such a way that there is 92.5% pure silver and prove immensely strong enough as accessories. You can also purchase a lot more varieties of them without having to worry about the budget. Men consider jewelry made of silver because it goes well with everything, is strong and does not pinch the pocket.

Infinite styles

You will be amazed to see the ample varieties of feather necklaces online. They are available in different shapes and sizes, and the designs are to die for. Online retail shops have an excellent customer base for this type of jewelry as is the cult favorite with men. The various models comprise of a Rolo chain with a feather, a link anchor chain with turquoise feather and silver chain of beads with small feathers. These are just a few that have been named, but there is a great variety of these and are available in varying lengths.

Keep wearing

Men wearing necklaces is not a new affair, in fact, accessorization for men dates back to the old times in history. Precious stones never go that well with men’s jewelry compared to sterling metals because metals have a matte sheen and shine to them. The feather necklaces add a high style quotient to the look and are very easy to maintain. You are spoilt for the vast variety of choices, and they are an excellent value for money as compared to their other metal counterparts. Some men also wear it because of some superstitions attached to it. Therefore, all you men must wear feather necklaces not just as an accessory but to keep your signature style alive.

What to Keep in Mind before Purchasing Silver Candelabra?

With the advancement in technology, people around the world have access to electricity and thus, uses it to light their home, unlike yesteryears where people had to use candles. However, due to traditions and prayer ceremonies, people still use candles to complete a ritual of their religion. Hence, people globally still searches for the best silver candelabra for sale. To choose the correct one for your home usage and other purposes, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Take a look!

Branches required

Silver candelabra comes with a different number of branches. Hence, when choosing it an individual requires knowing how many branches should be there. A candelabra ranges from 3 to 12 branches commonly; however, you can get up to 17 branches if that’s what you need for your house. Hence, the first thing an individual requires determining is how many branches should be there for his/her candelabra and then order it accordingly.

Moreover, one should also keep it in mind that different traditions and rituals require a different number of candles to light. For example, the Hanukah, which is an eight-day long festival, requires a candle stand known as Menorah which has 8 branches. In such a case a five or six branches candelabra is of no use. Thus, it is a person’s duty to understand how many branches he/she needs for such a traditional event before purchasing one.


Budget is something one will have to keep in mind especially when opting for silver candelabra for sale. Silver products are not cheap but will last a lifetime. Hence, one should choose the silver items but at the same time should be aware of his/her budget and not go overboard. People often make this mistake when opting for such a product. However, even when within a budget, one will have to ensure that the one he/she buys will fulfill all the requirements.

Design, shape, and size

Another thing to keep in mind is that each item is a masterpiece when it comes to design. The manufacturers curve different designs on a body to make each product unique. Also, this helps a candle stand to enhance the appeal of the room or space where it is kept. Also, depending on a number of branches on a candle stand, the shape and size are set. For instance, the body of a stand can be smooth or have decoration etched on it.

Also, depending on where an individual plans to keep it, one should know the appropriate height a candle stand should be.

Going through a catalog will aid one to know about the different designs, size, height, name, and shape of everything available online. Going through such specifications is a must for all!

Now you are aware of the things to keep in mind when seeking the best silver candelabra for sale. As soon as a product meets all your criteria, you can order it online and get it quickly to decorate your house before the next occasion arrives.

Still thinking?

Barbour Coats

As the headlines recorded the various triumphs and disasters, in the small fishing town of South Shields a young Scottish man was busy making history and stamping his name on the world of waterproof clothing.

John Barbour was one of the 75,000 people who lived in South Shields during the early nineteenth century. The town began life as a fishing village. Later salt-panning was introduced but the arrival of coal mining in Victorian times led to a boom. Eventually, in 1860, ship-building became the main industry.

With the ever-increasing demand for waterproof clothing, John Barbour recognised a gap in the market. Originally a retailer, the young entrepreneur decided that J. Barbour and Sons could meet the needs of their customers much better if they designed and made their own range of oilskin clothing. Initially, the primary objective was to provide the community with coats that would offer protection from the rain and cold. To this end, the first Barbour coats were waterproofed with linseed oil. The downside to these early garments was their tendency to stiffen in cold weather and fade in colour with age. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the waxed-cotton designs became available.

The 1920s ushered in a new era of fashion and daring design. But Barbour coats remained timeless and always in vogue. The introduction of the waxed Riding Cape was popular with those with country lifestyles. As well as providing complete protection from the elements, the Cape was cleverly designed to allow the wearer to pull it back in order to cool down.

As horses gave way to motor bikes, the Barbour all-in-one suit was specially designed for the 1936 International Six Day trials, keeping the brand at the top of its game. Apart from keeping cyclists dry and warm, the suit became the inspiration for the Ursula jacket worn by submariners in World War Two. Reputedly, the all-in-one waterproof gear was admired by Captain George Phillips, who asked the factory at South Shields to design a prototype. The Ursula jacket and trousers was the result and eventually became standard issue for submariners.

The Bedale Jacket, launched in 1980, has all of Barbour’s signature attributes. As well as being 100% waterproof, with a large pull-ring two-way zip, pockets and corduroy collar, the jacket is as much at home in the city as in a more rural setting. The Bedale style, with its shorter length, proved popular as a mens Barbour item. But it was also a winner with the female market. Since then there has been a range of styles, including the Gamefair and Durham jackets that were poignantly customised during the Falklands crisis to suit what was described as the ‘theatre of war’.

Over the years, Barbour wear has managed to retain the original ingenuity of design that appeals to all generations. Yet it has also managed to evolve. Barbour quilted jackets are the first choice for all ages, especially young festival enthusiasts who love to party in the open air but want to stay warm and dry.

Look Stylish Wearing Jeans

If you found that ideal pair of jeans which makes your legs look fantastic, it’s essential to know how to pair them up in order to create an unique look for every occasion. Here are some tips in this direction:

  • Dress the occasion. You can’t go at a gala wearing boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers. You might, however, pull off a skinny jean with a pair of high, sexy boots. It’s all about being versatile and knowing how to avoid kitsch. Browse some on-line fashion magazines and check the “What not to wear” columns. By this means, you’ll understand some fashion concepts better.
  • Know what jeans look good on you. There are numerous types of jeans: bootleg, skinny, baggy, ripped, boyfriend etc. You should choose your jeans depending on your body shape. For example, if you have a few extra pounds around the waist area go for a bootleg cut jean with a high waist band. A good pair of jeans can make your body look a lot better!
  • Match the accessories and create unique looks. Play around with what you can find in the closet and in your jewelry box! Sometimes, the accessories are even more important than the clothes. A dull outfit can become quite special if you add the proper earrings and bracelets. Take a classic, black dress for example: if you remove the diamond earrings and the necklace from the look, all you’re left with is a plain, simple outfit with nothing special to it. Experiment and try out different things!

Multi Strand Jewelry

In terms of jewelry, the term ‘multi-strand’ can be used to describe a variety of styles. The classic definition would be one that incorporates varying lengths to give the appearance of a layered look. For instance, a multi-strand necklace could feature a 16″, 17″ and 18″ chain so as to give the illusion that three different necklaces are being worn when, in actuality, the wearer has only one. Depending on the style that you prefer, you can choose from a simple 2-3 strand necklace up to designs that feature 20 strands or more.

The ‘bib’ or ‘drape’ necklace, another popular term used to describe multi-strand jewelry, often features multiple smaller chains created to gracefully accent the neckline using a cascading combination of loops and drops. Because of the intricate styling and workmanship, these necklaces remain highly sought after and can easily be worn in a formal setting. At the same time, these popular styles can be worn casually with your favorite pair of jeans.

When choosing which type of multi-strand necklace to wear, a significant part of the deciding factors will be based on the shirt that is being worn. For instance, a turtleneck will typically require an 18″ or longer necklace. An open neckline, such as that found on a v-neck, square neck or even a button-up shirt will accommodate any length of necklace that can be comfortably worn and easily seen.

In addition to necklaces, multi-strand designs are also a popular style in bracelets. The movement of flowing chains combined with the width created by using multiple strands will provide a flattering and bold look. Depending on the weight of the piece, it may be accented with an oversized spring-ring or even a toggle clasp. These accents are designed to be especially large to provide a focal point for a bracelet or necklace. In many cases, these findings are perfect for a larger multi-strand design.

If you are in the market for multi-strand jewelry, sterling silver can provide you with an impressive look at an affordable price. Because it ranges from 2.5 to 2.7 on the scale of hardness, it is stronger than some types of gold. As you can see, sterling silver is both durable and can allow for a larger jewelry collection at a more feasible cost.

Tricks to Improve Your Style

Let’s start with the lunch bag.

Lunch bags are an excellent way to improve your fashion sense. About a month ago I started looking at lunch bags. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that any fancy lunch bags existed! In my search I stumbled across the Gourmet Getaway made by Built NY. That point was when I started to open my eyes to the possibility of using a lunch bag for fashion purposes.

There are plenty of fashionable lunch bags out there! There is a fairly large selection of bags from Built. However, if you want to spend a little more money, you can get an extremely fashionable bag.

What about socks?

Using socks to add to your look might sound strange, but somehow it is a great idea. There are countless ways you can use socks to improve and add to your appearance.

One stylish way to use socks is to get long ones that end just underneath the knee. It is best to wear socks like that when wearing a skirt.

Another way to wear socks is to have long and baggy socks that will sit on top of you boot. There are lots of other ways you can wear socks. Don’t be afraid to try new ways of wearing your socks.

Gloves are great too!

Gloves usually are not a summertime addition to your appearance. However, if it is a little chilly out, this is a great way to top off your style. Gloves are another piece of clothing that you can play with.

There are plenty of ways you can use gloves, but the concept is simple. Once again, be creative and wear gloves you like that are a good match your other clothes.

Humble Clutch

  • Season Styles
    The floral style clutch with a hint of sparkle is the ideal and popular candidate for that beautiful empire line dress that has been waiting in your wardrobe for the perfect opportunity to bring out the summer in yourself. Or why not even go for the patriotic union jack clutch that adds to and finishes off that worn jeans and plain blouse concoction?
    With pale pinks, classic blacks and reds the clutch colours for this season, they are definitely an acceptable accessory whether it’s a trip to town or a day at the races. Why not stand out this summer?
  • Lace Clutch
    Lace clutches have always been stylish. With lace being an expensive material, it adds that classy and pricey look to a clutch which may have been a bargain. With pale pinks and blacks in this season even an everyday coral dress with chiffon over lay can be matched perfectly with a classy black lace clutch and shoes giving a gorgeous sophisticated look. Why not be brave and add a little Victorian in to your summer wardrobe? Lace collars and shoes matched with the textbook black and white lace clutch will make any complexion look stunning as well as provide that innocent, doll face image.
  • Straps
    Most clutch bags now have a detachable chain or strap which puts a glorious end to that burden of carrying it everywhere. Those nights out can become more like a babysitting session when you are constantly watching after your beloved bag.However, with the clutch being a must have accessory, we can ignore this minor draw back and admire it for the respectable accessory it is. With the option of a strap your little clutch can be at your side at all times so the worry of where you left it is no longer an issue as it is either on your wrist or your shoulder making your evening even more enjoyable.
  • Sequin Clutch
    Sequin clutches are absolutely perfect for that Friday night out look, with the disco lights shining that little clutch will make you sparkle like a diamond out there and who does not want to be seen on the dance-floor? Metallic tops, dresses and outfits are a popular style this season so why not add to the glimmer and accessorise with a sequin clutch? A metallic gold above the knee dress is complimented by a black sequin clutch making the whole outfit even more eye-catching. However be careful with overly sequinned metallic dresses and clutch. These two popular items together can clash and your gorgeous, sexy sequin bag will be hidden by the glamour of your metallic dress.

Design Your Own Necklace Online

Opera necklace

The Opera necklace looks amazing with deep neck blouses or gowns, with a length of 26 inches to 36 inches, this necklace has different styles. To create a vintage look, knot it up at the neckline for a cocktail party.

Multi colored necklace

The multi-colored string necklace looks amazing with light and white colored tops or Kurtis. Simple but lovely and multi-colored necklaces look amazing with all kinds of clothes. Although, this one with multi colors gold necklaces set can add an unexpected twist to your body with light or white colored outfits for a beach party.

Thread necklace

The thread necklace goes best and looks well with Kurtis and sarees, suits. This one is the most stylish and looks amazing necklaces ever. Lengths are from 14 to 20 inches. For unique look using different colors of threads.

Bib necklace

The bib necklace looks well with Kurtis and as clear from the name, this necklace covers you like a bib does and also hottest jewelry trends


The Choker Looks best with all outfits and its length is 14 to 16 inches and worn close to the neck. This classic piece goes well with jazzing up an official meeting.

Collar necklace

The collar necklace goes best and looks well with turtle necks, lengths values are 12 to 13 inches long. These necklaces encircle your neck for an amazing look. Best for V-necks, turtle necks, boat necks.

Princess necklace

The Princess necklace looks great and amazing and it is the most common type of necklace. The length values are 17 and 19 inches. Heavy and light designs are available; this is the amazing and great article of jewelry.

Men’s Silver Cross Necklace

Christmas season marks the demand for the cross necklaces

Some of the new styles of the cross necklaces made of sterling silver for men are in demand. As the New Year is around the corner, this is the main festive season. Christmas is not far and the sales of the different items have picked up in all the shops. The stores which are selling the silver jewelry are no exception to this trend. It is being seen that the cross necklaces that are made for the men are very much is demand. The cross symbolizing the Holy is always a high seller before the Holy celebration of Christmas.

Broader styles are a favored design

The broader cross necklaces made of silver are found to be much in demand. They are polished properly so that the dark spots do not occur on the top of the silver surfaces soon. These polishing help the shine to remaining on the silver jewelry for a long period. You can use the broader style chains as the perfect gift for the men if you would like to.

Wide ranges of design are available

The men’s silver cross necklace carries a particular importance for the men. One of the styles that is in demand is the Sheridan leather design. The design has been used on the silver metal itself. The edges of the cross are broad. The designs are inscribed on these broad ages. It can remind you of the outer wilderness. It is somewhat different from the classic style which is a more of the narrower lot. The designs of whet on a bright surface are also very much in vogue. There is no dearth of option. Everyone can get a design that is befitting to his likings.

Make yourself look attractive with the cross necklace

If you want to look different in the gatherings this New Year, you have to do something different. The different kinds of attractive attire will always be there for making yourself look trendy. This dress can be best complemented during this season with an eye-catchy design of the men’s cross necklaces made of sterling silver. Try to be different from the traditional lot and get noticed easily. Visit the stores to find out the plethora of new designs.

Amber Teething Necklaces

Ancient Baltic tribes used amber as jewelry for male noblemen and warriors. The main male jewelry was brooches for the coat or hood as well as massive necklaces to emphasize the noble descent. The middle class population used amber for decoration of belts, shirt buttons etc. Polished amber necklaces were used only for small kids and babies. This data has been collected from numerous archeological explorations of ancient Prussian and Curonian tribes which populated the present territory of Germany, Poland and Kaliningrad region (Prussians), Lithuania and Latvia (Curonians).

Today is the 21st century when Baltic States are not as isolated as 1000 years ago, the ancient jewelry are re-discovered and used again. Moreover, it is spread worldwide using the internet benefits and particularly e-commerce. Baltic amber jewelry is sold online to USA, United Kingdom, Australia and all other countries which value the beauty and healing features of Baltic amber.

Let’s return to the main question, can amber necklaces be given to boys. The answer is ‘Yes’, but with some conditions. Amber jewelry in a form of beaded necklace can be used to help baby boys during the first teeth growth period. Every mother know, that 4-6 months old baby cannot use strong pain relieving drugs which are used by adults. Homeopathic medicine has the one big disadvantage that its effect is coming only after long usage of medicament. Sudden pain cannot be relieved efficiently with regular medicine, therefore amber healing characteristics are used. Amber is not a panacea; it cannot kill the pain like strong Ibuprofen containing drugs, but can calm down the baby. Also, it helps immune system as amber is considered as one of the anti-allergens. Amber necklaces for healing purposes are called amber teething necklaces and can be used both on boys and girls. Only the later usage is different. Boys usually do not play with jewelry while girls do, so amber necklace can be saved for future when boys will start knitting friendship wrist ties to the girls or will grow up and will have own children.

Anyway the amber teething necklaces are not so expensive and can be given as gift to every baby of 3 months old.